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Future of PDX Card Games in Question

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Every meetup requires a paying Meetup.com organizer or sponsor.  For over two years now, PDX Card Games has had Chris of Chris' Boardgame Meetup to fill that role, and Michelle and I are grateful to him for keeping the group alive.  Thank you, Chris!

Chris has let us know that he will be closing his meetup account soon.  That will leave this meetup group unsupported and close it if no one else fills that role.  That will close PDX Card Games in a week or two (I don't remember how long the meetup stays alive after its organizer leaves, but it was several days at least).

Our future will take one of these paths:

1) Someone (not us) subscribes to meetup.com as a paying organizer and becomes head of PDX Card Games.  Being a subscribing organizer lets you run up to three meetup groups, so you can make other groups as well if you would like to see some other interests on meetup.com.  Michelle and I will likely continue as Assistant Organizers if given the option.

2) Someone already subscribing to meetup.com with less than their allotment of three meetups adopts PDX Card Games as one of their groups.  This is what Chris did for us, when the original organizer left after the first few months.  The group will continue to be run by the Assistant Organizers, to avoid nuisancing the figurehead organizer.  I'll be checking with organizers of my other gaming meetups to see if any feel so charitable towards card games.

3) We get a sponsor.  I'm not going to pursue this because the commercial value of this group is too low, but if you know some person or business that you think would sponsor a card game meetup, feel free to try and bring them on board.

4) PDX Card Games closes, but cards meetups continue out of the Boardgames In and Around Portland meetup.  PDX Card Games will lose its separate identity, card game oriented member profile questions, searchability (people who find us on meetup.com by looking for specific card games will not see Boardgames In and Around Portland).  It will no longer be a community for card players to organize their own meetups (not that anyone has yet taken us up on that, but we have kept the option open for people).

5) The meetup closes but the group moves to some actually free service, like Facebook or Google+.  I don't know what this would change for us or whether people are looking for real meeting type groups there, rather than just interests to follow...

6) PDX Card Games closes and Michelle and I stop running cards meetups altogether.  For over two years we have been patiently running weekly meetups to keep a card playing space alive for people to share.  The number of those weeks where Michelle and I played alone, or with a friend, has been and continues to be alarmingly high.  A dedicated card game space has self-evident value to us, but it seems that not enough people share our feelings for the group to reach the threshold where it will grow on its own.

Please discuss the future of this group on the PDX Card Games mailing list (reply and change the address to PDX-Card-Sharks-list@meetup.com) or discussion board ( http://www.meetup.com...­ ).  Your responses will matter.
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Portland, OR
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I think 4) is probably going to be the most feasible, assuming you and Michelle want to keep playing.
Happy Valley, OR
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I'm a bit concerned that with as few RSVPs as we ever see from the board game meetup (and the people that are in both don't come either), relying on it alone will basically be the same as ending the meetups.
Keith L
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Clackamas, OR
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Meetup is my preferred space for learning of activities. Scenarios 1 or 2 would be ideal but understandably difficult to find, I don't have the money in my own budget to fulfill either of those as is the case for most people I'm sure. I believe the card games meetup would lose a large amount of visibility as part of a different meetup hurting its already low attendance. If 1 or 2 cannot be found then the best alternative I suppose would be a trial period on a completely free service to see if that'll suffice. I haven't attended more than once but have been waiting for a chance to go again, hopefully this will still be an option down the road.
Portland, OR
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Robert and Michelle:[/color] I have enjoyed every event I have attended within PDX Card Games and sincerely appreciate the dedication you both show to keeping this group alive and running. I also value a dedicated (searchable) space for card game meetups. However, like the previous writer, I do not have the money or time to be the Organizer. I made the mistake of not commenting sooner about the upcoming dissolution of the group on Meetup due to guilt over saying "no", but I do care enough to weigh in.

I believe more strongly than the others that a non-Meetup (free) space could work for this group, with a little research to find something publicly searchable and that people genuinely use when looking for ways to be social while pursuing their interests.

However, if such a space is not found, I would happily continue to participate in an informal monthly (or more frequent) cards night with this group as long as it stays within access to me geographically -- taking it off searchable sites does make it more a "closed" group, and finding new members would need to be via word-of-mouth. I unfortunately don't know that many people in Portland, and even fewer who like to play cards; but if I encounter any in my other social activities, I'll be sure to spread the word.

I also don't know the situation over in the Board Games group well enough to know whether folding into it would essentially mean becoming invisible. It does sound like card games as a dedicated pursuit are not popular within that group; is there a way to promote the events? Even something as informal as we who enjoy cards posting messages on the discussion board inviting people to try out the cards night and hoping a good number of the members have left their settings at default (so they will be emailed regarding new discussions?)

I don't fully understand why relying on attendance from the Board Games group would alter the composition of the cards nights. If there's a core group of players that come to the cards nights currently (and I hope that's the case, but unfortunately I don't know that personally) - why would switching to a different name prevent those same people from signing up for the events? I know it would not impact me in any way to have to participate via a different group.

I realize I have not offered much in the way of constructive advice. But I didn't want to neglect to comment and imply that I don't value this group. I really hope we can continue to make it work and am sorry that this site requires paid organizers; but such is the way of the world. Money doesn't necessarily buy happiness, but it does make achieving it a whole lot easier.
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Hi, I'm Josalyn, and I'm the organizer for Portland Cards R Us. We've just collected our fees for the next six months, and if you'd like, you'd be welcome to continue your MeetUp under our umbrella. We're already a merger of two groups, and we meet for pinochle, canasta, euchre and hearts. I can't afford to be a financial sponsor, and our group just collects whatever people are willing to give, with an effort to determine what's required based on how many regular attendees we have. The fee is $72 every six months. We have about 12 members who have kicked in for that amount this time. Please consider this option before giving up your group; you're perfectly welcome to join us. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll poll the membership to be sure they're okay with it - but I don't foresee a problem.
Happy Valley, OR
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Thanks, Joss, but as you can see, we have an organizer again (thanks Jason!), and no one needed to pay anything.
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