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Sent on: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 9:05 PM
Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Pat Toomey Needs to Feel Some Love

The Obama political campaign today asked its “millions of followers” to blast Republican Senators with a message criticizing the Republicans' failure to support the Obama "jobs" proposal. Pat Toomey's office has been receiving a LOT of calls highly critical of his stand in defense of free markets and fiscal responsibility. 

What should you do? Call yourself and then ask members of your groups and friends to call and thank Senator Toomey for standing strong against the “mis-named Jobs Bill” and the propaganda from the Obama campaign machine. Let Senator Toomey know that you stand behind his decision not to waste more of your tax money on another Federal stimulus plan that will not create jobs but will destroy jobs and create more debt for the next generation.

We need to counter the thousands of calls his office is getting.

Senator Pat Toomey can be reached at (202)[masked].
Moles at the Obama-Fest

Pittsburgh, PA, Tuesday, October 11, 2011- About 150 owners of small to medium size businesses gathered today with a few members of Obama’s Jobs Council for the Listen and Action Session Roundtable. 
Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO, General Electric; Paul Otellini, President and CEO, Intel Corporation; Antonio Perez, CEO, Eastman Kodak Company; Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO; Karen Mills, Administrator, Small Business Administration wanted hear what small business had to say about Jobs!  Or did they? 
Luckily, we had a group of half-dozen conservative supporters that were allied with the Pittsburgh area “freedom groups”, including the PA Coalition that attended and were able to provide perspective not easily available from the PBS or the other pro-Obama media.
The first question was regarding the burdensome regulations on small business and the example came from the owner of a scrap steel yard concerning the EPA’s new designation of scrap steel as a hazardous material.  This will cause financial nightmares for businesses trying to recycle steel.  Bear in mind that steel recycling was one of the first “Green” endeavors in America, and now they want to shut it down. 
The next question concerned burdensome regulations for a simple consumer product warranty card. The questioner from Thorley Industries said that it took his staff 10 days to get the layout correct, trying to follow too many guidelines.  At this point the moderator, Karen Mills of the Small Business Administration, took over and said we were here to talk about jobs and not regulations!
Question: “I can’t find employees because of the 99 weeks of Unemployment.  People can make more sitting at home,” stated a furnace manufacturer.  And guess who pops up with the answer? Richard Trumka trumpeted “I will find as many applicants as you need!”
A question was asked, “Why is there only one small business representative on the Council out of 26 members.”   Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO, General Electric Company, defended that very quickly, “No there are two small business leaders on the Council.”  So the question was asked again, “Why are there only two small businesses on the Council out of 26 members.”  The point is job creation among small business.  That is why 95% of the people in the room are small business owners.  How can Big Business know the problems of small business?  The Big Business Obama Government Subsidies for Uneconomic Businesses Supporting Group reassured us that they understood the problems of small businesses… Just keep moving.. No need to look behind the curtain.
The questions went on, many of them critical of the Obama proposals… But in the end Karen Mills summarized the morning’s comments, neglecting the negative and listing those in support of the President’s proposal. This is how business is done in this Administration.
If these are the people trying to help us, we are in deeper trouble than any of us can imagine.
Unnamed Pittsburgh Businessman and PA Coalition member. 

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