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Aahhh yes, new thoughts, where do they come from? Are new neurons created for these new individual thoughts?
If we think in a restrictive language how are new paradigms created? Is it our job to create and recreate ourself on an ongoing basis? What is the point of learning if there are no immediate material rewards?

Each and everyone of us is given.... life. You want adventures-be adventurous, you like risk-live dangerously. You want to challenge yourself-there are millions of challenges out there. Each and everyone of us are all given a sublime opportunity to create and recreate something that is unique, never existed before and will never exist again-ourselves.

The classic existentialist felt that life was indeed in the hands of the individual and that the realization of our deaths created feelings of dread, anxiety and despair and somehow they attached these conditions to the act of acting totally free, to be authentic, to realize one's essence. We all experience these feelings, it is to be human, but the nature of these darker, if you will, emotions lay in their failure to act as an admonition to respond to the summons of life, not death. The realization of death presents the opportunity to live today to the fullest, to rejoice in our very existence. It does not paralyze or disable us but makes us stronger.

Thus spoke Gary.

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