Wonderful to have many rsvps!

From: Nancy Grace Rosen, M.
Sent on: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 3:27 PM

Hello Everyone~


Please understand the second hour we will be exploring some dyad or partner

practice and people who do not come with a designated partner will be free to

partner up with who shows up!


Some men may be concerned if we are not gender balanced.

I have several women who have not signed up planning to attend and if we

have more of one gender than another, please consider bringing a partner with

you if this is very important to you.


It is something over the years I have found cannot be managed nor predicted 100%.

However this evening will be beneficial for you whether you have a designated partner

or not as we will share and trade with solo people for each round.


The truth is that yang and yin is not just about being in a masculine body or a feminine body.

It is about one's constitution in either traditional body type.


Chu Hsi says~

"The Yang transmutes and the Yin preserves.

The Yang and the Yin manifest as motion and rest,

moving to the utmost and resting, resting to the utmost and moving.

Hence in the Yin is the Yang, and in the Yang is the Yin, inseparably

interwoven, and it is thus, as a unity, that they are said to be one with Tao."


You can trust if you are willing to simply show up and be present to the yang

and yin of your being and our collective group together, you will be able to experience

the Tao as more than a philosophy or partnering as a duality experience.


Eager to explore the harmony, integration and synergy that naturally occurs when we

consciously breath, sound, and move with a clear intention to have the unconscious come to light.

The inner state of being that arises fills us to overflowing; a way to be, give and live love in a tangible and visceral way. 

We will explore the root and stages of sensate focus, speaking language of feelings and needs, and discovering the depth and power of taking turns being the giver and the receiver.

A definite feeling of love is what most single and couples share with me after group.

"Yin conserves, yang radiates, we need both to resonate inner peace expanding into oneness" NGR

Today's Bluetruth sums it up beautifully!

"With practice, deep consciousness pervades every stirring of your heart, belly, and breath.                   It is as if your sexing was the play of ripples on the surface, but the deep ocean currents were its source. The deep of consciousness unfolds through your heart and breath and belly, and this is sex.   Sex is consciousness unfolded through the body as love."
David Deida


Light filled Love~

Goddess Grace

Nancy Grace Rosen


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