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August 2012

The Group at Aluminum Overcast
Photo by the Author
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Byrne and I are thrilled to be continuing another year with The Camera Company Photographers Group.
If any of you have ideas for outings or events please post them on the group's Flickr page so we can get some feedback from our members. Or email your thoughts to [address removed] 
If you would like to have some of your pictures featured in this newsletter please send an email to [address removed] and state in your email that you grant me permission to use your photos that you have posted on Flickr. 
About The Camera Company Photographers Group 
This group was formed with the idea that people might have fun going to various locations in and around Dane County to photograph places of interest while sharing tips and ideas with others. The group was two years old in April and we have made a lot of good friends during this time. We feel lucky to have so many fantastic and talented people in the group who have all been happy to help each other out on the shoots. If anyone you know would like to join us for the fun we would love to have them. Oh, I almost forgot. The group is free! The only cost would be when we go someplace that charges an admission. We are a shooting group so we don't spend time sitting in meetings or banging gavels. So if you want to get out and shoot with a great bunch of people we are the answer for you. We do have a flickr group where we share our photos and if you want to click on the groups logo you can see the page. Feel free to join our Flickr group and post some of your pictures.
Our first meeting and photo shoot occurred on April 24, 2010  
Last  Outings: Aluminum Overcast, Dane County Fair 
The Aluminum Overcast and County Fair outings were a big success. Everyone who attended the B-17 outing got great shots of that plane as well as the F-18 fighter that was on the other end of the tarmac. It was a surprise to us all when my friend Don (WINK) Winkler ferried group members across the tarmac in his big SUV to photograph the F-18.
Photo by Dan Maahs
Photo by Tony Heussner
While I was able to attend the Dane County Fair I can see by the photos posted to Flickr that the outing was big success thanks to Byrne Chapman.

Photo by Cheryl Schiltz
Photo by Cheryl Schiltz

Next Outings: Pewet's Nest, Badger Gas and Steam Show  
On Saturday August 18th we are planning to photograph Pewit's Nest. Pewit's Nest is an area with a steep gorge that was cut by Skillet Creek. This outing will require some walking and people should wear shoes or boots that can get a little wet crossing the little steams. The other option is take off your shoes. The photos below were provided by group member Perry Browkaw who recently visited the site. For this outing we will meet at the westside store at 9:30AM. Following a short meeting we will depart the store at 9:45AM and expect to arrive at Pewit's Nest about 10:30. It is about an hour ride from the Odana Rd store.
The directions are ,
U.S. 12
turn left onto Co Rd W
follow Co Rd W about a 1 1/2 miles and turn left to Pewits Nest

For more information on Pewit's Nest click this link
Pewit's Nest

After we shoot Pewits Nest we will take the short ride to The Badger Steam and Gas Show.
The directions to the show from Pewit's Nest are,
County Rd. W east to Hwy. 12
north on 12 to Hwy33
west on 33 to Sand Rd.
The total distance from Pewit's Nest to The Badger Steam and Gas Show is less than 7 miles and will be about a 10 minute drive.

For more information on The Badger Steam and Gas Show click this link.
The Badger Gas and Steam Show
pewits nest
Pewit's Nest
 Photo by Perry Browkaw
Pewit's Nest
 Photo by Perry Browkaw
pewit's vert
Pewit's Nest
Photo by Perry Browkaw

Upcoming Event: Villa Louis, Sponsored by The Camera Company and Tamron  
The Camera Company and Tamron are sponsoring a field trip to the Villa Louis State Historic site at Prairie du Chien.  
This is a two day event and will run Friday, October 5th through Saturday the 6th.
Tamron's Ken Hubbard will give a class on Friday night on the second floor of the Fur Trade exhibit building on the southwest corner of the Villa grounds (this is not handicap accessible). Ken will discuss Landscape and Architectural photography from 6PM to approximately 9:30 PM.
At 9:00AM. on Saturday morning we will divide up into small groups and go through the Villa with site guides. Tripods are not permitted inside. The Villa is lit with electric light bulbs correct for the period, thus, it is not super bright inside the house. Fast lenses and flashes are going to be helpful.  
You will have the opportunity to shoot at several locations within walking distance. The Villa and ponds are beautiful and there are a lot of huge trees that will be fun to photograph.  
There is also a statue garden across the street and just east of the Villa. We plan on shootings some old rail cars just north of the grounds.  
When we are finished at the Villa. It is then a short drive just across the Mississippi into Iowa  where we will visit the Effigy Mounds and Pikes Peak for a fantastic view of the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. This we will plan to do in the afternoon so the sun will be at our backs.  
We will have other locations to tell you about at the class.  
Tamron will have Nikon, Canon and Sony lenses for you to try all during the day. Lunch will be on own. There is rather good bar type food available at the Depot Tavern just south of the Villa.
We have made arrangements for a special rate of $105.00 at one of the nearby hotels. These will include two queen size beds, and a very good breakfast. The rooms will be on a first come first serve basis. Reservations will need to be made by September 7th or the special rate will be expired.
When you sign up for the event you will receive a code for the special room rate. This weekend is the beginning of the fall colors so rooms are going to be very tight.
I would suggest you make your decision very soon if you think you want to attend this fun and informative photo outing.
The field trip fee is $70.00. This does not include a hotel room.
For more hotels and motels in the are click this link.  
 For more information on Villa Louis click this link
Click the link to sign-up!
Pool Table at Villa Louis
Photo by the Author
Fur Trade Museum at Villa Louis
Photo by the Author
Old Railcars Near Villa Louis
Photo by the Author

Pikes Peak, Iowa
Photo by the Author

Meet Ken Hubbard  
KEN HUBBARD is the Field Services Manager for Tamron. He is responsible for the company's events,
Ken Hubbard
including Tamron's popular consumer workshop series. Ken has had nationwide gallery showings of his portrait and landscape photography and teaches enthusiasts how to take better photos at numerous events.
Ken's extensive background in the field of photography is unique and diverse. He has travelled extensively throughout the United States and the result is a consistent output of breathtaking photographs that continually challenge the boundaries of the genre.

Click the link to see more of Ken's work.

Hey Dave!    
Hey Dave, what is a fast lens anyway?
When people talk about fast lenses they are referring to lenses that can let in a lot of light.
Tamron[masked] f2.8
This makes it easier to shoot pictures in low light conditions. It also
makes it easier to reach faster shutter speeds to stop action if you are photographing an auto race or other sports event.
The other benefit of a faster lens or a lens that has the capability of getting a wide aperture is that you are able to throw backgrounds out of focus thus achieving the nice bokeh effect that is pleasing to look at in photographs.
The fastest zoom lenses we encounter are the f2.8 such as the Nikon, Canon, Tamron and other brand[masked] f2.8 lenses that are loved by sports and wedding photographers. In the short zooms the list is about endless. 
Tamron 24-70 f2.8
Canon has the 16-35 f2.8, Nikon has the 14-24 f2.8.
Tamron has the 17-50 f2.8 but these are just to mention a very few of the many
that are available from all of the manufactures.
The list of fast fixed focal length lenses is even longer, 50 f1.8, 50 f1.4, 85 f1.8, 85 f1.4 and on and on.
For those going for bokeh the 50 f1.8 lenses are an inexpensive option. For fast zooms the Tamron 10-24 and their[masked] are good choices that won't break the bank.
Tamron 17-50 f2.8
Like I said there are endless options and you just need to find the one that fits your needs. I think that whether you shoot sports or low light available light shots or if you are going for the nice bokeh a fast lens is the ticket for you.
If you want more help stop in and see me and I will be happy to
help you sort through the options that might work for you.
A Couple Of Things 
We have placed the Photographers Group on The Camera Company website and I would like to be able to have some members comments about the group on there. So if any of you would email me your comment on the group and our activities that would be great. You can sign your first name, first and last name or make up a name.
If we can use this to help gain more members it is better for all because the more the merrier!

We always like to hear about our fellow group members.
Why not write a little something about yourself and share it with us all. Tell us about your interest in photography and how you got started. It is easy once you get going.

Byrne did it. 
Kathy did it. 
Lindsay did it. 
Rosanne did it.
Gary did it.  
Now it is your turn. 
It won't hurt a bit. 
Write it up and send it to: 
[address removed]

This newsletter would be more fun for us all.
And easier for me to produce if I had more people give me permission to use their Flickr pictures in it.
However, I can not use your pictures unless you email me permission to do so.
So come on! Help me out. Shoot me an email stating that I have permission from you to use your pictures and please include your Flickr name and your real name.  
If you have already given me permission and have not seen your pictures in a newsletter let me know because I think I have used everyone that I have permission for.
If you have restricted downloading on Flickr you may have to friend me.
We hope to see you at the outings!
David E. Fiala
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