Laura K
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Madison, WI
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Hi all! Say - any of you out there shoot with a Pentax DSLR? I'm finally ready to take the leap from film into digital and have narrowed it down to two cameras - the Pentax K-5 and the Nikon D7000. I'm leaning towards the Pentax because of the reviews and mostly because I already have lenses I believe will fit (my 35mm is a Pentax SF-10 - I have a Tokina lens on it that I absolutely love and I'm being led to believe it should work just fine on the K-5 body).

Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Brian S
Madison, WI
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According to the their member profiles, Beth and Laruent use Pentax K-5. You could check with them:



And many members use Nikon D7000. Here are some. Brian R and Ryan Ewers are two I know from meetings:

June Shakhashiri
Khiang Seow
Linda Madson
Paul Vreugdenhil
Ryan Ewers
Ryan Wisniewski
David Appleyard
Brian Ruppert
Jeff Winkler
Prasanna Kumar
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Madison, WI
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hi...this is beth....{brian highlighted my name for you} and yes, i'm a pentax user. i love my k-5 and have had 4 pentax cameras over the course of many years. first a film, then the k-10, K-7 and now the K-5. the low light ability of the k-5 is fantastic and that was one of the many reasons i bought it. if you already have lenses, i say go with the pentax. i think you'll be very happy !!!
user 4450144
Madison, WI
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also, if you want to see some of my photos, my blog is:
Laura K
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Madison, WI
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Brian & Beth - thanks for your response!!

Beth - do you live local, and does anywhere around here sell Pentax? It looks like I may have to drive to Chicago to find one (I'd love to hold and try the camera before putting that kind of money down). Where did you get yours?

Are you using Pentax lenses? I'm assuming my Tokina that I use with my SF-10 will work, but the on-line chat guy at Pentax wouldn't commit to saying that other brands made for Pentax would work on the digital body.

How do you rate the camera for ease of operation and finding the adjustments you want to make quickly? It looked like the Nikon had externalized a lot of their features with individual buttons for many of them on the outside of the camera (rather than having to scroll thru a "menu"). I'm still a novice at the world of digital and need things to be quick and easy :)

I'm probably going to go Pentax - I'm glad to hear there are others around still using them!

Thanks, again for all your help!
Brian S
Madison, WI
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I didn't realize the K-5 was that hard to find but it is 2.5 yrs old. KEH sells 'used - very good' ones with 6 mo warranty for $570. But that's more than I would spend on-line:­

Best Buy sells the K-30 for $600. I presume that is the K-5 replacement but am not sure. I'm interested in this because I've been considering a Pentax dSLR but would get a cheaper model.
John M.
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Madison, WI
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Hi Laura-
I've been using Pentax since before digital. I have a K10D & a K-5. When it came out the K-5 tested better, slightly, than a comparable Nikon model. I think they both had the same Sony sensor. I like the controls on the K-5 a lot. It is a beefy camera mainly due to the weather sealing. The low light capability is great. Good frame rate. I really like the jpeg color & contrast I get. It seems quite natural. The battery light is excellent. One particularly nice thing is that all, yes, all, of the old Pentax lens work. Even the old screw lens with an adapter of course. Pentax has made some really great glass over the years and there's a lot of it out there for sale. I have several A series manual focus lens that are excellent & they cost under $150 bucks. A great resource is the Pentax Forums <http://www.pentaxforu...­. They have tons of info on the equipment. They have a marketplace for used equipment.

The K-5 is no longer in production having been replaced by the K-5II so you will have to look around for old stock but the current price is half what I paid for mine. The only downside in my mind is that there isn't as much after market add-ons. If you want a teleconverter good luck.

On a related note I'm going to be moving to Micro 4/3 when the latest Olympus OMD comes out and will probably sell all my Pentax stuff. Too bad the timing wasn't better.

BTW there never has been much Madison area Pentax sales. The Camera Company sells only a very limited selection and they really don't push them. They never had the K-5 to my knowledge. You could try Mike Crivello's in Milwaukee. I got mine online.

Cheers... John
Madison, WI
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You can't beat Nikon for lens compatibility. See this article:
Laura K
user 13667951
Madison, WI
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Thanks again, all, for the great information. Yes - I found the K-5 on-line. I feel like I need to move relatively fast, 'cause I'm not sure how many this site has left. I suppose I can go with the newer model, but hey, why not try to save a couple bucks, right?

It's nice to know Pentax is still a contender in the market - just not in the Madison market!
John C
Dodgeville, WI
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Remember that going film to digital will "lengthen" all your lenses unless you get very high end equipment. Not familiar with the sensor in the K-5 but everything in the Pentax site indicates it has a fairly standard 1.6 mag ratio so your 35 mm lens will now be "normal" at about 52.5 mm. Your 50 is now 80, etc.
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