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Biking Etiquette - Must Read for Bikers

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We recently did a ride where there were some potential injuries to people both inside and outside of the group, so we though it was a good idea to put out some guidelines that are general etiquette amongst the cycling community.

Before you attend the next ride, take a minute to read the page to ensure a good, safe ride for everyone. Happy Riding!

Biking Etiquette

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Thanks for posting this information.

The idea of our bike rides is to have fun and socialize but we also have to be repsonsible and safe.

I also have done some of the "no-no's" listed. I can't say I'll ALWAYS follow the rules 100% as it is a social ride but I'll also take to heart that anytime I do something, like ride side by side briefly to talk with someone, that you MUST be extra vigilant and make sure it is safe to do so. Same with following too closely, as I sometimes tend to do. Without brake lights, for a warning of slowing, I can take out the person in front and possibly others behind me if I cause an accident.

We probably should try to make everyone familiar if we want to use specific phrases like "Single Up" when we are approaching a part of the ride where we MUST be in single file because the trail narrows or there is traffic. If anyone else has ideas on things we should do, say, practice, please feel free to share. I think Carole's document can be amended as necessary.

Let's have fun but we also need to make sure we protect our own safety. The other part of that is to be responsible so that we don't get complaints or the wrath of law enforcement or a bad reputation in the biking community. We can still be the "Bad A$$ Bicycle Club" without necessarily hurting others wink... or at least those that don't deserve it! devilish

Also, if anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to post them here or contact the organizer or any assistant organizer.


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I would also add that when you are the front rider with a rider(s) directly behind you and you see an approaching rider(s), that you yell out "Rider Up" to indicate to those behind you that there are approaching riders. This may also alert the oncoming riders that you (and others) are approaching them. Same goes for if you are directly at the rear of one or more riders, once you have identified that there are riders coming up from behind and it looks like they will want to pass, then yell out "Rider Back". This is also the case when they are beginning to pass, yell out "Rider Back" to remind the rider(s) directly in front of you that they are being passed if those faster riders do not say anything. In both cases, the riders in your group should maintain their line and not try to pass someone in their own party and pull out into someone that is passing the group.

Besides yielding to horses and hikers, the other thing is that the uphill rider has the right-of-way, always! I always tell the uphill rider to keep or maintain their line. It is my responsibility as a downhill rider to either go around or stop and let them go by. Basically, treat the other rider as you would want to be treated if you were them.

Many hikers are more than willing to move off the trail to let you pass without you having to ask, but some won't. Be patient and give them room, eventually there will be a spot to pass them. Be friendly and give them an up-tone "Thank you!" or "Have a great day!" There is no need for sarcasm or negative remarks.

Thank everyone out on the trails! It is a privilege to be able to ride these trails. And, if you accidentally scare someone, apologize! Saying a simple "I'm sorry" goes a long way in keeping trail harmony.

Also, here are some links about trail etiquette:­­

Happy Riding!
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