Kudos and Thanks!

May 4,
The Geeks are out in FORCE!
Our members have been donating time, materials, and serious know-how here of late. The Hack Shack is looking better and better, and the support we provide to those who help those in need is getting noticed.
Special Thanks to Tina. Over the last several weeks she has been supporting the Parenting Class for Foster Families by providing a very popular and cool activity for the kids while the parents attend the class. Pottery ("Clay Play") may have sounded droll to some of the kids for the first couple of minutes, but what a huge success! It was bags-o-fun, and thoroughly enjoyed by the kids (and many of them would have liked to have gone into overtime). Tina, you are awesome-o!

January 27
Just wanted to thank all our members that have been participating in the Hack Shack buildout, and a special note to Sam for making sure our projects are getting documented in our photo albums. Lots of us remember to bring cameras, few of use actually think to take pictures; much less post them, but we all enjoy seeing the pictures and making rude comments. devilish

January 1, 2014 MOVING DAY THANK-YOU!
A belated but well deserved thanks to the folks that slaved away on Sunday to bring Adoption Related Services into their new home.

Don Dye: Came for Hack Shack improvements and discovered a moving-in operation. Jumped in with a tool-bag, and with chisel, mallet and screwdriver mortised in door latches, installed keyless entry and standard locks on mahogany doors with consummate skill. He helped adjust some of the other furnishings by removing the overly-rolly wheels from a table. He then jumped aboard the moving operation and helped disassemble and move two trailer loads of bulky furniture in pouring rain. On a personal note, his good humor and full-on cooperative nature was a serious boost to me, and kept me rolling despite being on the tail end of a long series of over-nighters. Linda, the Executive Director, also probably had him doing some stuff I don't even know about. Don, you rock.

Ralph Marlow: Nephew of the former owner of the building, the Late Great Harry Marlow. Isn't a member of the Meetup, but will likely be a regular visitor.
Ralph arrived on the scene with weed-eater and blower. He washed down the front of the building with soap and water, cleaned up all the weeds from the flower beds, cleaned the parking lot so that you could hardly recognize it, THEN fetched his covered trailer and jumped in on moving everything from the old office. Ralph pulled out all stops to help us out. He is a real friend.

Brad: I called out to Brad to try to round up some help. He was the first one I called. He told me he would be arriving to help in a couple of hours at most. Apparently that was because he was in Orlando at the time. He drove from Universal or thereabouts in the rain to meet us at the old office. He got furniture disassembled, screws pulled out of the walls, and helped load the trailers. Later he arrived back at the new location to help unload again. Days like this really show you who your friends really are.

Sam: Last to show, but last to leave. Sam took on getting some workstations set up for the users, as least as well as the temporary conditions allowed. Not much use having all that furniture there if the counselors couldn't use it, right? Afterwards, Sam dug into the new firewall system he has been putting together for ARSP and the Hack Shack. Configuration didn't quite happen, but he plugged away into the wee hours, all after hustling all that stuff around for us. Sam has been a regular help to ARSP, and has put many valuable hours into providing about every kind of help and service you can imagine to ARSP, and has taken on the drudgery of cleaning and working on the Hack Shack more times than is fair.

Guys, thank you so much. I was dead on my feet, and no-one else at ARSP was in much better shape. You diverted us from going down an oft-referred to creek.

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