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Buddha Dharma Talk/chat over Skype (voice only) conference call

Jairo M.
Winter Park, FL
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TIME: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM this Sunday April 7. Call in 15 minutes early or whenever you can during the conference call. Use Skype and call the Skype handle to be given to those who RSVP.

This talk and chat will feature Luis del Pino, a student of the wise sayings of the Buddha, according to the Suttas of the Pali Canon employed by the Buddhists of the Theravada schools or lineage. You may access the Suttas and commentaries at http://www.accesstoin...­ I should let you know that this event is also being announced at two other Buddhist meetups, one in San Jose área (Diamond Way Buddhist Group in San Jose, and the other in Orlando, FL (Buddhism in Central Florida, formerly the Orlando Buddhist Meetup Group). All Buddhists (and non-Buddhists) of all levels are welcomed.

Luis teaches Buddha Dharma whenever asked, so I asked if he would. I found him teaching several years ago at a Wellness Center and I video recorded him in action and put it on YouTube, so watch to see if you like his style and if you need to verify that he knows some Dharma:­

Luis is also interested in psychology and in modern science and how these may complement the teachings of the Buddha. So he may relate these fields of knowledge to Buddha Dharma.

So I hope a few of you care to join us. Let's see how it goes and have fun with it. Recently, I have been listening to "The Science of Enlightenment" by Shinzen Young, and I highly recommend this audio book because the speaker seems to knows what he is talking about. Another great audio book I am starting to listen to is "Mahamudra for the modern world: an unprecedented training course in the pinnacle teachings of Tibetan Buddhism" by Reginald Ray. I discovered those two audios by way of listening to the podcast "Buddhist Geeks."

So how are we going to do this? Here is the plan: I give everyone who RSVPs the Skype contact information for calling Luis Del Pino, in other words, I give you his Skype handle. So stay tuned for an email from me via this meetup group. Once you have it, you search for his Skype handle in your Skype mobile App or in your Skype desktop program and add him and call him a few minutes prior to beginning the talk. And Luis will add you to the conference. It might be a good idea that you reply back to me to give me your Skype handle too so that I can give that to Luis so he knows whom to expect. If you have a Smartphone you should be able to install Skype and use that.

Remember, this event will be a conference call via Skype ( voice only, so you need not worry that you don't look presentable and are naked in your wrecked bedroom, you just need Skype account and its software/app installed on your desktop/laptop/iPad/iPhone/android/Windo­ws phone device with Hi Speed Internet (wired or WiFi or 3G/4GLTE, or the like); and at least a microphone, a headset would be better; don't worry if you don't have a webcam, we won't be using video, but your webcam comes with a microphone, so go ahead and use it. If you can't stay connected due to poor Internet connectivity, you will be able to use SMS texting within Skype to chat with Luis and the rest of us who are on the conference call. And Luis, or one of us, might care to respond to your text messages, while the voice call is occurring.

Any questions, email me or post them here. I understand that Skype has a limit of 6 in a conference call, so I was thinking that I should limit this event to 6 RSVPs, but I will simply allow as many members here and at other meetups to RSVP, and the Skype system will automatically block the seventh person who tries to connect whenever there are already 6 connected. You may also try an hour or so later, since I scheduled this to run two hours. Hopefully we will be chatting all two hours, so try joining later if you have to. But it might be good idea to inform me beforehand that you will be joining us at a later time.

You may call me at 407-280-2403 if you want to inform me that you are waiting to join, or for other problems. You may give me you Skype handle or you may not, but if you do it will be used to let Luis know who is coming so he can add you to the conference call. I will go ahead and give you my Skype handle, it is Jairosoft, so just search for it and add it and we can SMS text message that way. But you will want to call Luis Del Pino using his Skype handle on Sunday any time between 1:45 and 3:30 PM to be added to the conference call which runs from 2 to 4PM Eastern Standard Time.

May this benefit all sentient beings.

Compassionately yours,

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