Membership Rules

In the interest of our members' safety and comfort and in order to maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the group, we are implementing the following membership rules.

  • PRIVACY CONCERNS? Please note that this Meetup group is PRIVATE. No one outside the group can see who the members are. Only other members of this group can see your profile. Also, allows you to hide your groups/interests. You can find this setting in your profile in the right side column under your groups and interests. We ask that while attending any of our events that you refrain from taking an photographs unless permission is otherwise posted.

  • THOUGHTFULLY COMPLETED PROFILE QUESTIONNAIRE. All members must have a fully and thoughtfully completed profile questionnaire. Those new to polyamory are warmly welcomed but one-word or short-sentence answers such as "just looking" or "I love parrots" will not be accepted.

    We are doing our best to respect some members' needs for a greater degree of privacy while balancing that with other members' sense of safety. Empty or one-word answer profiles have been shown to negatively impact other members' comfort and participation. Please note that "thoughtfully" does not necessarily refer to the level of disclosure of personal information. We simply ask that you answer the profile questions to the best of your ability, at the same time within your own comfort level. If you have any doubts or concerns, please send us an email!

    If you already have a thoughtfully completed profile questionnaire, please take the time to answer the new additional question "What does polyamory mean to you?"

  • NO 'CRUISING'. Profiles indicating 'cruising' or 'hooking up' as the primary reason for joining will not be accepted. Please remember we are a social and educational group, not a swinging or dating club. Please refer to our About this Meetup page for details. If you are looking for a hook up, we recommend the Entertainment District and/or the Village. Or check out Cumbrae's, one of Toronto's best!

  • PORTRAIT of yourself
    • You are welcome to partially conceal your identity, such as in this example (member gave us permission, thank you!). However, we will not accept pictures of landscapes, pets, cartoons, etc.
    • NO X-RATED, implied nude or lingerie pictures as your main profile pic. However, you may post tasteful lingerie pictures or implied nudes as your secondary pictures if you wish.
    • NO GROUP photos. Please respect the privacy of others in the picture by not using it as your main profile photo (even if you have their permission, due to issues of administration and management).

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