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The Intention of this Group
Is to have fun and discuss movies, and hopefully make some new friends. Being active in this group means participating. What I think you will love about our group, is that we have regular attendees that you get to know as friends. Members often feel the discussion is as fun as seeing the movie.

Three Meet Ups a month are usually scheduled: 1 Friday night, 1 Saturday late afternoon & 1 Sunday mid-day. A theater may not be selected until close to the Meet Up to allow us to rotate theaters in the area. Usually 2 Meet Ups are posted at one time & fill up very fast to 12 people maximum. Beyond that you can be on the waiting list. (See more about this under the RSVP section.)

Membership and Dues Information
Please understand that your membership to our group is considered as an individual person no matter what you title it. For example, if you join as "Bob & Sharon," you will only be considered one person when you RSVP YES unless you add your additional person on as a guest to your RSVP.

Membership dues for this Meet Up group are $5 yearly for all members to cover the organizer fee that Meet Up charges me ($179.88) and other expenses, such as a party. You pay your dues when you join and then yearly thereafter. Generally, people pay their dues when they see me at a Meet Up. (I do not participate in the on-line donations of Chipping In, so you may disregard that when it pops up on your screen.) I will keep track of organizer expenses and member payments on the webpage under the Money tab. You may click on your own Profile to see what date you paid, once that is completed. This will let you know when dues are expected for the next year.

Pictures for our Members
A recognizable picture of yourself, i.e. not a cartoon or other picture that is not you, is highly encouraged. Having a recognizable picture is how I and the other group members connect with you, and makes our group more personable and have a safer feeling.

The RSVP System
Part One: You start by clicking YES or NO for attending the Meet Up to see the movie. There will be 12 spots & beyond that, people will be on a Waiting List for after movie discussion spots. Everyone gets to see the movie no matter what list they are on. Please don't worry about the size of the Wait list. It often sifts down by the day of the Meet Up due to folks' good attention to the RSVP system. I am often able to ask the restaurant to expand our reservation.

Part Two: You type in Yes or No (no matter which list you are on) to the question of whether you want to attend the after movie discussion. If you don’t answer the question for the discussion, others will jump ahead of you in the queue for a discussion spot.

You will know that you are seeing the movie & have a discussion spot when you see that you are on the YES list. There will be some people that are on the YES list to see the movie only when they type in No to the question of whether they want to attend the discussion or not. That is when you see the 12 number go up on the Meet Up.

If you RSVP YES (or are on the Waiting List) to a movie event, and are unable to attend, please change your RSVP to NO ASAP (no matter what list you are on). If you are not going to the discussion & just the movie, please also adjust your RSVP to No for the discussion question in order for me to add people in from the Waiting list. I will override the system and put you in the YES list for seeing the movie only. (If you change your mind later for the discussion, I will have to move you back to the Wait list & you will be at the end of the queue.) You make these changes by clicking on the green (YES list folks) or blue (Wait list folks) change RSVP button.

If you RSVP YES (or are on the Waiting List) and do not show, you will be marked as a "No Show." If you have 2 "No Shows" over a 6 month period, you will be removed as a member. Also, if you are inactive with the group for 6 months, you will be removed from membership. You have the option to rejoin when you can be more active.

Please be aware that I will usually check the webpage for the final check an hour before the meet up time since that is when I get on the road to drive to the Meet Up. (If you need to communicate with me after I’m on the road, please ask for my cell phone # to text me.)

The movie times can change according to the theater, so make sure you check your messages or go to the web page for any changes. If the theater cancels a movie that has been selected, we will still meet, but will select another movie or another theater that is showing the movie.

I encourage everyone to go to "My Profile" on your webpage for this group and then adjust your settings to how you want them. You can choose many options such as getting messages when there are changes to a Meet Up and how often you want them sent. Such as "as they are sent" or "at most once per day" or "don't send me any reminders." You can block things too that you don't want to see such as photos. There is also a choice to only get messages in one grouped message to you once per day or to not get them at all. Please do not rely on just your e-mails for last minute changes to a Meet Up & checking the web page is the best way to know what has possibly changed.

Your suggestions for our group are encouraged, but please send your ideas directly to me by e-mail instead of posting them to the group, i.e. not in the Comments section of our web page.

Questions are encouraged to be e-mailed to me directly. Please do not use the Comment section of our Meet Up page to send me messages since your comment goes out to every member in the group. Information about your RSVP should be done with the green or blue RSVP change button (see directions under Discussions Tab.)

Guidelines for posts to the group:
•Please don’t comment about a movie that the group has not seen previous to the Meet Up. (You are welcome to post after everyone has seen the movie from the Meet Up.)
•Stereotypes about any group of people should be avoided.
•Avoid negative posts to one another on the Comment section as it makes others uncomfortable. There is always the option to e-mail people directly (preferably assertively) versus having the whole group witness the exchange.

How Do You Find the Group and the Importance of Checking In
A meeting place will be specified and I will wear a Meet Up pin on my shirt so you can find the group. The time that is posted for the meet up is when you are expected to have purchased your ticket and popcorn, paid your membership dues, and have congregated with the rest of the group for the final phone call to the restaurant for the final number for our after movie discussion. If you are not there for final check in, you have forfeited your spot to someone on the Waiting List or the reservation number will be reduced & you will not have a spot for our after movie discussion.

If you're on the waiting list, you are able to see the movie with us. You are added to the discussion table if someone changes their RSVP to NO for the Meet Up or they let me know that they are not coming to the discussion or they don't check in at the Meet Up. Please be aware that if you are on the waiting list as yourself plus a guest, you will only be rolled up next in line for a Meet Up if two people change their RSVP to NO at the same time.

Hints for a great discussion:
-Don't start a discussion in your theater seat or in the lobby, but save for the restaurant for after we put in our food order.
-Only talk one person at a time with no side conversations
-Allow for different opinions to be valued.
-To help with our focus on a discussion, please keep conversations not related to the movie (or other movies) either before our discussion or after it.
-Try to throw out discussion questions to the entire group & encourage everyone to participate & share the floor time.

Handling Conflicts between members
If you have a conflict with another member, please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to have help in communicating assertively how you feel & what you need from the other member. Please keep in mind, I cannot be utilized as a judge in such matters, but may act as a mediator in a limited capacity. I cannot offer, as part of my role, to be a member’s social skills coach. Please be aware that if any aggressive communication is chosen, especially if it is made public to the rest of the group, you could be asked to leave the group in order to preserve a peaceful atmosphere in our group.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to our group, and I look forward to seeing you at the movies.


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