Happy Friday from Portland Bike Commuting!

From: John B.
Sent on: Friday, September 18, 2009 4:31 PM
Good afternoon! Quite a breeze today, and a chill in the air this morning, eh? I've had to start layering already, reluctantly. Hopefully we won't have to move our annual "How to Ride All Winter" meeting up to early October! shock


This week, a less contentious poll question than recently:

What label best describes you?

It is often reported that many people who ride bikes for transportation, or otherwise are not fitness riders or racers, are loathe to describe themselves as "cyclists". That term sometimes conjures up images of the lycra-clad weekend warrior, and many transportational riders don't consider themselves that. Yet, doesn't just riding a bicycle make you a "cyclist"? Or do you prefer another term? I often use "bicyclist" as a less loaded term, although I'm aware that technically rules out adult trikes or other pedal vehicles of more than two wheels.

So I'm curious what label (if any) you are most comfortable with or most prefer.

Vote here.

Quick update to the poll of the last 2-3 weeks, about the bike lane up to the intersection stop line, to the right of the through/right turn general travel lane: 11 members voted, 8 (73%) said "Probably not a good idea", 2 (18%) were okay with it, and 1 (9%) wasn't sure. The Portland Bike/Ped Advisory Committee has also recommended against it, along with recommending crosswalks on all 4 legs of the intersection for the sake of pedestrians. (Not bikes!) I have just learned this afternoon that the engineering consultant still wants to go with the lane, but is considering adding blue paint or something like that. Stay tuned, if you are interested!


It's been a bit slow moving on the message boards lately, maybe partially because I've been taking a break? I get tired of seeing my name there so much!

Here are some threads you might find interesting:

* Bike commuting featured on NPR's All Things Considered
* Another Bikelane Study
* Whole Lot of Nonsense - Why he cares about bike safety (reference to podcast)
* Sociological Review of Bike Safety Perception


World Car Free Day

Walk, bicycle, take the bus, run, or cartwheel to your destination(s) that day, and then come out and celebrate World Car Free Day with other like-minded folks from 5 - 7 PM that evening, at the North Star Music Cafe (225 Congress Street, Munjoy Hill). Find out more about how to go car free more of the time, talk to others who commute like you do, and enjoy delicious (local) food and drink on Munjoy Hill.

Bicycle commuting information, Bicycle Street Smarts booklets, and 1LessCar.com stickers will be available, along with other information.

See our calendar for more details on more upcoming events:

Fri Sep 25: Green Streets Day!
Fri Sep 25 - Sun Sep 27: Common Ground Fair, Unity (ride to the fair and get $2 off plus valet bike parking provided by BCM!)
Tue Oct 6, 7:30 AM: Green Streets Drop-In Volunteer Social

Every Thursday: Mechanic classes at Gorham Bike & Ski (flat tire workshop) and Back Bay Bicycle (flat tire workshop alternating with drive train maintenance).


Looks like a mix of weather next week: Beginning mostly sunny Monday, turning cloudy Tuesday, isolated thunderstorms and showers Wednesday and Thursday, and back to mostly cloudy Friday. Highs mostly in the 70's. We'll see what really happens! wink

Ride safe and have fun!

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