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Bikes you're going to add to your fleet in 2011

A former member
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I'm hoping to add a Scott CR1 Elite... This is gonna cost roughly $2700 when all is said and done.

And then at the end of the season I want to buy a recumbent bike, simply because I've always wanted one. I would turn that one into a long distance commuter like to my mother and fathers house, and other friends houses. And maybe a part time commuter to work.

And I still need atleast a front suspension mountain bike, or possibly a full suspension. I'll probably get these last towards the end of this season.
A former member
Post #: 119
I plan on buying the Felt 75 frame that John Baldwin posted about in a couple weeks and building a bike for long rides and events. Over the summer I will look at building a blizzard bike. I will also add fenders and panniers to my Fuji Newest to use as my regular commuter. Somewhere in there I want to look at what changes I want to make to the fixie.
user 12017541
Scarborough, ME
Post #: 23
I don't plan on adding any bikes to the fleet this year, we'll see how that works out wink
Maybe tooling around with my old winter bike, making it a fixie or SS.
john b.
Portland, ME
Post #: 208
Looking forward to the warmer months I will be doing some "new" builds and stripping a number of my bikes I rarely use. I'm trying to cut down on the bikes I own and make sure that these fewer number of bikes are built very well and will serve purposes that are not so limited. Spring cleaning, lets call it. I don't mind holding on to usable parts but all these rarely-used complete bikes are starting to cramp my style.
Among the new/ re-purposed builds is a "new" road bike. It's an early nineties Lotus made with Columbus SL tubing, chromed fork and stays and gorgeous lugs. Going to build that particular bike up around a 9x2 shimano drivetrain with STI levers I have laying around. I wanted to go SRAM rival 10x2 but not sure I want to drop the coin just yet. We'll see how much I ride for pleasure, kind of an alien concept for me...
Another build is a very sophisticated all-purpose commuter bike built around a frame much like this. I've had this poor neglected frame complete with Winwood Muddy Cross carbon disc-compatable fork for entirely too long. I need to build it up. I was previously waiting for the Alfine 11 to come out so I could build the bike around it but... I already have two internally geared bikes (4 if you count Erin's bikes) and I'm not sure I want another bike with a heavy as sh^t rear wheel. Probably will build it up with entirely MTB disc-specific parts (LX/ SRAM 9.0 quality or better) with drop bars and sti paddles - sort of a monster cross bike (only with tires and rims better suited for road use and my wallet) that will serve as a daily commuter, be rock solid and incredibly light (for me).
Another project will be re-purposing parts from one of my single-speed "cyclocross" beaters. I also need to find a platform for a 700c Nexus 8 wheel I have laying around. And I'd like to take all of my lesser quality frames out of service, The 1980's straight-gauge Taiwanese steel is just feeling too dead.
In making steps to take these frames out of service I donated my fully enclosed old school Nexus 7 (complete with $$$ Jtek shifter) wheelset to the fiancee's Masi. It's really the only bike she rides (plus Whole Foods makes her park it outside all day) so she should DEFINITELY have internal gears and brakes. I hooked her up. I'm just a nice guy, I guess. And now the parent frame sits idle, after it's 5th or 6th incarnation, probably never to be rebuilt again. I salute you, old girl.
So, I'm looking at 3, possibly 4 projects. Combine that with my "tweed" bike as another interchangeable commuter, the Bianchi Milano as secondary winter bike/ rainy day commuter and my Bruiser as a primary winter bike/ mountain bike and that gets me down to... 6-7 bikes... well... that's good for me.
Really, the only weak link is the tweed bike and I'm just not ready to part with it yet. If I get the Voodoo built up as I'd like it I imagine the tweed bike will be relegated to obscurity real quick, though.
john b.
Portland, ME
Post #: 209
Oh, and all the undertakings I've mentioned above will cost much, much less than a new bike. In some cases the only investment will be time.
A former member
Post #: 122
@John Baldwin, I may look for some advice or a line on components when I start building the Felt
Brian E.
user 13760096
Raymond, ME
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Already bought a GT Sensor 1.0 mountain bike so I can dedicate my old Bridgestone MB3 to a foul weather commuter. Now I just need a non salty area to ride it.
john b.
Portland, ME
Post #: 212
Most of the needed components for the Voodoo disc cyclocross/ commuter build have been ordered. Very exciting. Should work out to be certainly the lightest build I've done and I'm making wheel and drivetrain choices to ensure it will be the most reliable as well. Before and after pictures in a few weeks.
A former member
Post #: 124
I plan on getting that Felt today or tomorrow, if it is still there. John, do you know if that is being sold by the shop, or someone at the shop?
john b.
Portland, ME
Post #: 214
It's being sold through the shop and I get a commission. I'd talk to Eric Warren or Don Martin as they've been instructed on the particulars of this sale. I'll personally be at the shop Saturday afternoon ~3pm to tend to some ordering. See you then?
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