TantriQaballah ~ A Weaving of Arcane Teachings

  • April 8, 2014 · 7:00 PM
  • Temple I AM

Every living thing on earth was made with the natural primal force of divine union. We can witness this mirrored in all of of creation. Qaballah - the study of the Tree of Life is a living map of our consciousness. It is an arcane formula older than Judaism and existing in every ancient culture on earth which teaches the art of manifestation. Suffused in every movement upon this map is a fine balance of masculine and feminine energy. Tantra is also an arcane system, just as ancient as Qaballah - both of their inception being at the beginning of consciousness itself. Tantra is a living art of self mastery, an interwoven fabric of the strands that make up our self. It comes alive by walking every step in presence and worship of all life. It shows us a way to create salubrity within and around us through our breath, feelings, and sensations. Our own well-being amplifies through union with self, with another, and through the other with all. I invite you to embark upon a journey, into the weaving of Tantric and Qaballistic teachings. We will follow a guiding light ~ the Tree of Life as our map. We begin in Malkuth as our feet are upon the Earth and travel up through every sephirah (light sphere) out through Kether at our Crown, finally embracing our sovereignty. We will have 11 stopping points which correspond to a specific area of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. In each of these will be a TantriQaballah teaching which will come in the form of a short lecture, meditation, and group experience.

You will have an opportunity to learn correspondences for each sephirah and how they relate to the balance of masculine and feminine energy within and around you. You will chart your own strengths and weaknesses as well as learn the tools to heal and balance yourself. You will receive a practice which can be done daily during that week’s focus which you may also do at your own inspiration at any time afterward. Of course, you will get out of it, what you put into it. This journey has been designed for everyone, no matter where you are on your personal path. Our divine sexuality is first about ourselves. Each leg of the journey leads to inner balance because the old wisdom holds true: as above, so below. We find a reflection of our own self all around us. When we remember the truth of who we are and take responsibility for our own lives, we are able to use the forces of nature to create our dreams into reality. When the dream becomes manifested in physical form, it is deeply satisfying beyond description. This is true because it is destiny being fulfilled.

For those who wish to go deep and who are ready, you may submit your name to attend a four day TantriQaballah intensive and retreat. Upon completion of the entire series and the intensive, you may be ready to offer healings to the general public in the TantriQaballah modality.

The journey begins:::

April 8th from 7-10pm: Malkuth - The Kingdom: The gift of 5 Senses ~ Being Fully Present on Earth. Through presence we become alive and ready for everything. With sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch, we can choose to enjoy and be grateful for the bounty that is ours by birthright. Physical sensation is our vehicle toward inner spiritual alchemy. Even science has proven that those who pay attention to their senses have more use of their brain! Come lets play together and awaken our senses...

April 15th from 7-10pm: Yesod - The Fulcrum Point: Claim Independence of Thought through Right Use of Will. Learn to take full responsibility for your life and to continue making refinements as you travel down this road to self mastery. Simultaneously, as we let go of our attachments we become at peace. Strong will is balanced through surrender to those things over which we have no influence while holding true to the mission. Come join us as we strike a balance between strong will and surrender, leaving us poised in creative dynamic tension.

April 22nd from 7-10pm: Hod - Glory: Remember the Truth of Who You Are. The glory and splendour of our own majestic nature is found through our remembering this truth. And yet, we must have patience. An awakened consciousness takes time to cultivate. Join us for an evening of fun and play as we learn to fully step into our Godessence.

April 29th from 7-10pm: Netzach - Victory: Be Truthful about Your Feelings ~ Even When its Hard. Learn to witness emotions and experiences, without being consumed by them. This is the way to create healthy relationships with ourselves and each other. What we dream, we create. When our minds are clear and connected to source, our creations are divine in nature. Join us for an evening of finding clarity within, remaining empathic towards others without taking it on yourself, and finding victory through speaking your truth with compassion.

May 6th from 7-10pm: Tipharet - Beauty: Your Beauty Shines from Within. Beauty comes from our empowerment and our willingness to receive. When the Harmony of All Things radiates from within us, it makes us a center of expression for all that is good. When we recognize our brilliance, we experience joy, faith, hope, love, charity, diligence, peace of heart and mind, harmony, balance, honesty, creativity, success in all things, freedom from emotional bonds. Our expression of beauty draws these to us like a magnet. Come experience what it feels like to really let your light shine!

May 13th from 7-10pm: Geburah - Severity: Hold Sacred Space in a Safe Container for Healing. A safe container allows a blossoming, fermentation, and healthy growth. Without it, our chi is spilled and goes back to Source itself. Courage and Strength of Will are supported all around by the feminine nature in order to keep it in check and to build the temple of power and protect life itself. In times when we must be severe and hold a strong boundary in order to support life, it is not often easy. To do this well, emotions must be kept in check. And the truth of natural law must be the foundation. Tonight you will learn the foundational principles for holding safe space.

May 20th from 7-10pm: Chesed - Mercy: Find Strength in Commitment, Devotion, and Loyalty. Devotion is an act of vulnerability. In Chesed we learn to trust ourselves by having compassion, loving ourselves and each other without reservation or regret. In this we become truthful, patient, and enduring. We begin to recognize what healthy looks and feels like while we allow ourselves and each other to stumble without judgement. Join us as we practice the art of genuinely showing up for ourselves and each other.

May 23rd-26th 4 day Intensive Retreat: Da’ath - Rainbow Bridge: The Gateway that Leads from Individuality into Sacred Union. Together, we cross the abyss, a vast labrynth of infinite emptiness where one can be eternally lost. We let go of fear, addiction and attachment. As the facets of our own inner landscape become integrated, we are one with our own divine nature. We have come to accept our light and our shadow as equally important aspects of ourselves. Through this knowledge we achieve dominion over darkness, IF we do our work in this life.
Our sexuality is the most powerful tool we have to create. So many of us experience strong feelings of fear, confusion, discomfort, lack of confidence, distrust, incorrect use of sexual energy, etc, etc. Our culture has programmed these imbalances within us. It is time to take our personal power back and to use it with intention as a prayer in co- creation.

During this four day intensive retreat we will learn teachings on tantric sexuality. We will go over each of the teachings on the sephirah that we have covered up to this point. The focus will be to look at the overall picture that is being presented.
* The gift of 5 Senses ~ Being Fully Present on Earth
* Claim Independence of Thought through Right Use of Will
* Remember the Truth of Who You Are
* Be Truthful about Your Feelings ~ Even When its Hard
* Your Beauty Shines from Within
* Hold Sacred Space in a Safe Container for Healing
* Find Peace in Commitment, Devotion, and Loyalty
* The Gateway that Leads from Individuality into Sacred Union

In addition, we will learn:
* The chakra system ~ clearing and balancing
* The history of Goddess based Tantra
* Begin from the heart, connect our minds, union is the root
* Worship ~ what it means and how to do it with integrity
* Tantric ritual, meditation, and intimacy building

You will also learn full protocols for tantric healing which can be used for self healing, healing with a partner, and to help guide others in their healing.

May 27th from 7-10pm: Binah - Understanding: Death is a Re-birth. Binah balances Chokmah (Supernal Divine Father) on the Tree. When they are in Sacred Union within us, we come into oneness with God that we may enter into co-creation with the universe. It is through this union that we can know God within us and around us. Binah represents the womb of all creation, the receptivity of full understanding. The ability to hold all possibilities in concert with one another is the gift of the Divine Mother. She alone holds the keys to the birth and death gates from which we all come and go. The cycles of birth and death, expansion and contraction repeat themselves throughout our entire life and are the keys to personal transformation.

June 3rd from 7-10pm: Chokmah - Wisdom: Force used with Wisdom is the Crucial Task of the Divine Masculine. His nature manifests as unbridled creation, the seed of the soul which is divinely ejaculated into the womb of the universe (Binah). The virtue of the Divine Masculine is obedience. It is his calling to be in service to the Great Mother, to send his passion through her without reservation. By this act, he must trust her completely to receive his love and then to give it back to him again so that it may feed him. And it is in the best interest of the Mother to feed him because as she gives to him, he has more to give back to her and so through their Divine Union they are able to create infinitely. Tonight we go deep into personal connection and allow ourselves to give and receive unconditionally.

June 10th from 7-10pm: Kether - Crown: Be One with All of Life. When we merge with the aspects of ourselves reflected in each of the sephirah, this is reflected in everything around us. As above, so below. We are complete and intrinsically connected to all of creation. In this way, as we reclaim our sovereignty, we arrive in a new earth. Suddenly all of the colors are brighter, the sounds are sweeter, the smells more fragrant, taste is acute, we are more sensitive to touch...and we begin all over again...and again...and again...join us tonight in the new earth as we experience oneness through the elements and each other.

These classes are also a healing experience. You will be provided with powerful ancient tools to use in daily practice. With them, you can heal yourself from past trauma, reclaim your life, and learn to thrive. I know this to be true because I have used them myself for the very purposes I mentioned. I have learned to save my own life! I’d love the opportunity to be in service to you.

All regular classes are sliding scale $22-$33.
TantriQaballah 4-Day Intensive Retreat sliding scale $555-$777

If you do not have the total class fee, please contact Kriyanna to arrange a partial or full trade. Your time and energy have value! Monthly payment arrangements are also possible.

Please register by contacting Kriyanna Feyalove: [masked] or[masked]

Private sessions for individuals, couples, families, and groups in any of the above offerings are available by appointment.

About Kriyanna:::
Kriyanna began her conscious journey as an intuitive at the age of 12. In 1995 she began fine tuning her natural psychic abilities and began her study of Reiki. Later she became an adept of Red Left Hand Path Tantra and the Western Hermetic tradition in the King Salomon lineage of the Mystery Schools. She is now a Reiki Master Teacher of the modern and Usui methods, tantric dakini specializing in kundalini awakening, and a healer/teacher in the Western Hermetic traditions. She combines these techniques to create a powerful synergistic and moving experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, positive change. Her intention is to help facilitate transformation through healing and empowerment for the body, mind, and spirit.

Praise for Kriyanna’s work:::
“My experiences with taking classes and receiving energy healing through the Temple I AM and with Kriyanna have powerfully assisted me on my spiritual path. I have learned so many helpful resources that have allowed me to move past inner blockages and more fully merge with my Higher Self, to strengthen connection to Divine Guides, clarify my Soul's purpose on Earth and to gather the strength to step in to the Power of the Source. The energy healings from Kriyanna were pivotal in helping me release negative patterns that hindered my progress. The experience of getting free of these patterns and realizing my strength and resonance with a higher vibration has been completely exhilarating, humbling and heart-activating in such a beautiful way!” Bethany D.

"I'm not really sure how to even express how much Kriyanna has helped me over the last year. After all the wonderful classes, workshops, and healings, I keep coming back for more. There's wonderful information in the teachings, and the ideas are beautiful, and there's so much to love there. But it's more than that. Kriyanna herself is a teacher that lives her practice. She is consistently engaged, patient, caring, genuine, joyous, and determined. She sees you for exactly who you are and does not expect you to be anyone else. She's not afraid to go deep into those scary parts of you and help you accept them. In fact, she cherishes every part of you, giving you the most sacred wisdom of all: knowing that YOU have the power to change your own life, to be all you can be, and you have the power to love yourself, which for many of us can be the most difficult task of all. Thank you, so many times over, for everything." Kai Jorgensen

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