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Am I missing somewhere? Besides Jessica's post 2/24/11 I'm not finding the 10 essentials list...

Alexa M.
Portland, OR
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I've done long distances & while I guess I should probably bring a space blanket even for day hikes, I've been on plenty of hikes where I felt secure, even one well-organized (pre-hike meeting, etc) 5-day 55 mile hike, & I think I've seen a space blanket once in my life. Not that I don't think it's a good idea to even have one in one's car if leaving the city, but I don't hike in much snow, or even have the chance to go overnight that much in this economy.
Anyhow, I digress, is it posted somewhere & I'm just blind? I've never heard of being turned away for a day hike for wearing cotton, which I suppose I don't do much of anyway, but occasionally I might wear jeans, tho w/ my fancy Rei underlayer on - like in the Oregon winter, but again I don't do snowcamping or even much snow hiking, & while I hear the potential tragedy of a ruined day due to someone being really uncomfortable, whiny, or worse, I was a little surprised to see that folks would be turned away for a 4-hour day hike for wearing jeans. My vote is for safety first, but maybe some kind of happy medium?
Just my thoughts as a non-organizer - thanks.
A former member
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10 essentials. TBH, i really don't carry many of those items, yikes. I probably hiked 150+ miles last year (between April and September) and usually wear cotton shirt, but I only hike to get to remote places to shoot waterfalls or meadows, etc. I know I probably need to wisen up and carry the proper safety gear :)
A former member
Post #: 93
As a former assistant organizer for this group, I have had several people over my 18-month stint in that role come unprepared for hikes, and in every situation they held back the entire group. In two instances an unprepared attendee forced us to cut our hike short which dampened the experience for everyone else. 

While I believe every person has the right to be an individual when hiking alone, or even with friends, these hikes are as a group ... and group safety is a priority. 
user 11075363
Group Organizer
Portland, OR
Post #: 13
The "official" list lives in the "Files" section (under the "More" tab on the PHMG navigation bar). To get a better idea about why we hike leaders tend to be so"anti-cotton", check out the comments that were posted under my 5/7/11 Larch Mountain hike.
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