Sergey D.


Portland, ME

Member since:

December 25, 2013

Describe how proficient you are in Russian language.

I've been speaking Russian since my adolescent years. My education in Moscow helped me polish it. In addition, my wife is Russian, which makes Russian part of my everyday life for many years. In short, I would rate myself as extremely fluent or "near native" if you want.

Name your favorite Russian cultural figures

Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Goncharov, Bulgakov, etc.

If you were asked "kak d'ela?" would you answer, "xhorosho," "ploxho," or "normalno," and why?

Normalno (нормально)! This is more common conversational way of response if you want to project positivism rather than loading people with your problems. In fact, you would never answer directly "плохо" even if you feel bad - it would be extremely strange and impolite. I can elaborate on that when we meet.

Which do you like better: voyna or mir? Pr'edstupl'eniey or nakazaniye?

Strange question... Why did you substitute AND with OR in the titles? If you did that on purpose, you are opening a huge discussian that I prefer not to start right here and right now. If you meant my choice (which novel I like more), it's hard to say... But if you insist, my heart goes out to Tolstoy. Again, this is a topic that is more convenient for a conversation.

What's your best day to meet? Once per week or per two weeks?

My guess is you mean late afternoons or nights. Tuesdays (except first of the month), Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. Saturdays or Sundays are also an option for earlier hours. However, I work as an insurance agent and, if I have an appointment conflicting with our meeting, it's going to be a priority. If I am available, once a week is not a problem. Once per two weeks seems to be more realistic but, again, my time heavily depends on my appointments.


I was born and raised in Bulgaria and have a degree from Moscow Technical University as well as two degrees from USM. My work bio is very long and diverse and includes nuclear power generation, teaching, manufacturing jobs and insurance.

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