Position of R in Analytics: Survey results etc.

From: Friedrich S.
Sent on: Monday, February 10, 2014 9:56 PM

Hello all,

I just cancelled the proposed discussion on the future of R.

For those interested in this topic: here are some links:

  • The RedMonk Programming Language Ranking:


It includes interest in programming languages on GitHub and StackOverflow. There is a nice plot with the languages in it, and R has now rank #15 (of around 100). Right next to Matlab, and well within the range of common shell scripting languages.

  • 2013 Data Science Salary Survey (free PDF report from O'Reilly):


These are survey results from a conference (so the results are somewhat biased). In addition to salary information, it shows that R is rated second as data management and analysis tool, followed by Python, Excel and Hadoop.  Further analysis clearly shows two clusters of tools: a smaller cluster of "proprietary" tools around Excel (Windows, MS SQL Server, SAS etc.) and a larger cluster of (mostly) "open source" tools such as Python, Java, Hadoop, Linux etc. (also containing R).

  • 2013 Data Miner Survey from Rexer Analytics


This is also very interesting, if you can get hold of a copy of the free PDF summary report. The mail address is on the linked page.  It contains a wealth of information on data mining trends and tools.

  • Robert A. Muenchen: Articles on r4stats.com, e.g.: "The Popularity of Data Analysis Software"


Robert summarizes and compares different sales and download figures, language popularity measures, internet discussion activity and much more in one long article with a lot of charts. Very interesting read.Other articles are on his website.

Please let me know if you find other sources of related information.

And (last but not least): Please contact us if you could do a presentation yourself or know a topic that would interest you. Or  (much better) simply schedule a meetup yourself: just enter the topic, and we will find a date and place together.


Friedrich Schuster


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