I. How can I join? Is there a fee?
II. What are the rules?
III. Any age restrictions?
IV. RSVP’ing
V. Can I participate without joining?

I. How can I join the (IMF) Meetup Group? Is there a fee?

Currently, IMF is a free Meetup Group to its members and we do not charge any fees at this time to just be a part of the group. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a FREE, no-pressure, commercial-free and unconditional place to socialize while enjoying uniquely Richmond and Multi-Cultural-themed events.

II. Requirements & Rules

There is nothing required other than to enjoy yourself. smile You'll find our members are just like you, kind and friendly and trying to enjoy what bit of culture Richmond and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Our rules are rather simple. By joining you have agreed to the following:

  • Be courteous to others and considerate of our Event Coordinators.
  • Not exhibit mean/illegal behavior, not use or distribute drugs.
  • To be completely responsible for your own IMF account. This means you are responsible for the settings of your own account (mailing list settings, temporary withdrawal, leaving and rejoining of the group, etc)
  • Read and understand the Membership section, which you are reading now :)
  • Have a clear photo of yourself, with a visible face (old or new) on your profile as the main picture so that if you are at an event and you ask us to find you we know what you look like. Picture of animals and places (while nice) are not acceptable as a main picture.

Please also note that the Meetup system automatically removes anyone whose e-mail has not been working (meaning their e-mails have been bouncing back) or they have not logged in for the past 6 months. We do not have control over this, currently, this is an automatic, system-wide feature.

III. Age Considerations / Restrictions

There are no age restrictions per say, more so guidelines and reminders so that we do not put our members inadvertently in illegal situations and everyone can be comfortable at events.

It’s important to remember that some events involve adult situations (drinking caffeine / alcohol and/or smoking of tobacco products). Some parents do not want their children exposed to these types of things. So prior to bringing an "IMF Member In Training" (someone under the age of 21) to an event, please consider these factors and the comfort level of our other members as well.

Also, it is expected that if you or a guest is 18 or older but still under the legal drinking age at a private meetup event and alcohol is present, you as an individual are responsible for upholding the honor system and not drinking.
If you are a guardian, parent or member who has invited a guest who is at one of our events and they are under the legal drinking age, you are also responsible for that individual and their actions, whether alcohol is involved or not.
Our venue member hosts are kind and generous enough to open their homes to us to have fun – so we should keep that in mind!

IV. RSVPing' and then not showing up

R.S.V.P. Comes from the French RSVP, Répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning “reply please”. It means “reply please”, on an invitation to request that the invited person reply to confirm whether or not they will be attending.

If you RSVP (reply that you ARE attending) for too many, limited seating, events and do not show up, there is a strong possibility you will be removed from the group. The reasoning behind this is that by reserving and not showing up for a limited engagement, you prevent someone else from taking that spot/seat. We just will not know if we can count on you showing up when you say you will and we need to be fair to the people who actually reserve and show up.

V. Can I attend an event without being a member?

Typically, the events listed are public events and anyone can attend at any time. However there are instances where we are reserving space, a table or are planning to have special services rendered. For these events you will need to join and reserve in advance. If you'd like to try this type of event out before joining, be sure to contact the Event Organizer for that particular function to make sure it's okay for you to attend so that they can make sure they save a spot for you! smile

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