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Group Organizer
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 113
As discussed in the Organizational Meeting, I'll start of the list of games that GMs have to play. If you're a GM and interested in adding to the list, please reply and list what you have.

GM: Eric Townsend


  • GURPS 4th Edition
  • Mouse Guard
  • Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition
  • Conan RPG
  • Amber
  • 1st Edition Dungeons and Dragons
  • Paranoia
  • Stormbringer

A former member
Post #: 84
All right, I haven't met most of you yet, but I have a list available and thought I'd join in. smile

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 3rd edition
Dungeons and Dragons 1-4th editions, with many different settings and modules
Ars Magica, 3rd and 4th editions
Call of Cthulhu 3rd-5th editions, many various settings and eras
Blue Rose
Boot Hill, 1st edition
Bunnies and Burrows, Gurps edition
Castles and Crusades
Talislanta, earlier edition
De Profundis
Dragonland 5th Age Saga
Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (story game)
Ghostbusters, 1st edition
Hercules and Xena
Hollywood lives (Party/psuedo-rpg game)
In Nominee
James Bond
Paranoia, earlier edition
Pendragon, 4th edition
Powers & Perils
Price of Freedom
Primetime Adventures
RuneQuest, Avalon Hill edition
7th Sea
Space 1889
Star Frontiers
Star Wars RPG, earlier d6 edition
Top Secret, 1st edition
Unknown Armies
Witch Hunt
Another Fine Mess, one-off 'Fudge' game/module

Note: though there's some good stuff there, some of the above is not worth playing ever ... ala Powers and Perils, for instance.
Melissa M.
Morrisville, NC
Post #: 14
My games
  • Agon
  • Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition
    Expedition to Ravenloft
    Expedition to Undermountain
    The Shackled City
    and many other various source books
  • En Garde!
  • Mouse Guard
  • Serenity
  • Traveller (Mongoose)
  • Tunnels and Trolls 7.5 edition
  • World of Darkness
    Geist The Sin-Eaters
    Hunter: The Vigil
    Mage the Awakening
    Vampire The Requiem
    Werewolf: The Forsaken
    and various source books
Andy M.
Sugar Grove, NC
Post #: 10
• 7th Sea
• Aces & Eights
• Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1st Ed/2nd Ed – various settings: World of Greyhawk, Dragonlance, Raveloft, Birthright, Spelljammer, possibly more)
• Albedo (Original game and Platinum Catalyst)
• Aliens Adventure Game
• Babylon 5: Roleplaying Game and Fact Book
• The Babylon Project
• Boot Hill (2nd Ed I believe)
• Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
• Call of Cthulhu (3rd Edition boxed set, 4th ed, 6th edition plus most published scenarios and sourcebooks)
• Chainmail
• Cthulhu Dark Ages
• Cthulhu Live
• D20 Modern
• Dawn Patrol
• Doctor Who RPG (FASA)
• Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space (Cubicle 7)
• Dungeons and Dragons (Original basic box (red dragon on cover) and various scenarios and sourcebooks as well as 3rd Ed and 3.5)
• Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (original and Mongoose release)
• Farscape
• Gamma World
• Ghostbusters
• Ghostbusters International
• Godlike: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946
• Hackmaster 4th Edition
• Hackmaster Basic
• High Adventure Cliffhangers: The Buck Rogers Adventure Game
• Hollow Earth Expedition
• Jovian Chronicles
• Mechwarrior
• Men in Black
• Middle Earth Role Playing
• Monsters and Other Childish Things
• The Morrow Project
• Paranoia (2nd Ed)
• Pathfinder
• Privateers and Gentlemen
• Reich Star
• Ringworld
• Robotech the Roleplaying Game
• Robotech II: The Sentinels
• Serenity Roleplaying Game
• Shadowrun
• Space:1889
• Space Master
• Star Frontiers (all but the screen and Bugs in the System)
• Star Trek (Decipher)
• Star Trek (FASA)
• Star Trek Roleplaying Game (Last Unicorn)
• Star Trek: The Next Generation Roleplaying Game
• Star Wars (West End Games D6)
• Star Wars Roleplaying Game (d20)
• Stormbringer
• Swashbuckler
• Time Lord
• Top Secret
• Trail of Cthulhu
• Traveller
• Traveller20
• Traveller 2300 (aka 2300 A.D.)
• Twilight 2000
• Twilight 2013
• Usagi Yojimbo RPG
• Weird War II: Blood on the Rhine
• Year of the Phoenix

Probably a few more than that which I either forgot or weren’t on the list. I have a few newer games as well but unsure where they are all are.

And that’s just the RPGs.

… I have far too many games.
Chris D.
Durham, NC
Post #: 6
GM: Chris DeCarolis


7th Sea*
Aberrent/Aeon Trinity
Arcana Unearthed/Evolved*
Brave New World
Call of Cthulhu d20
D&D 3e/4e*
  • Eberron
  • Forgotten Realms

D20 Modern
Deadlands: Hell on Earth
Exalted 1e/2e*
Everquest d20*
Fantasy HERO 5e
Legend of the Five Rings 2e/3e*
Iron Heroes*
Mutants & Masterminds*
Savage Worlds
  • Pirates of the Spanish Main
  • Sundered Skies

Shadowrun 3e/4e
Star Trek (Decipher)
Star Wars (d20)
Warcraft/WoW d20*
Warhammer Fantasy
  • Changeling
  • Mage
  • Promethean
  • Werewolf

Games marked with an asterisk are the systems that I would actually be willing to run, either from previous experience with the system, or because I'm familiar enough with the rules/setting to be able to run it comfortably. The rest are games that I would rather play or Try-It-Out first, before I would consider attempting to run (the only exception is World of Darkness; I've played it multiple times, but I don't think I would ever want to GM a game).
user 7807457
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 3
GM: Audi


  • Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy (Missing the newest supplement and the Rogue Trader corebook only
  • Savage Worlds with Necessary Evil campaign setting
  • Vampire: Dark Ages
  • D&D 4th edition PHB, DMG and MM
  • Exalted (2nd ed?)
  • Mutants and Masterminds
  • D20 Modern with Exodus campaign setting (Post-apocalyptic, was supposed to be the Fallout pen and paper until Bethesda bought the rights and served them a cease and desist)

That's all I can think of while I'm at work. I'll update it later once I get home and have a chance to look around.
user 4523010
Chapel Hill, NC
Post #: 2
GM: Glenn

  • FATE
  • Spirit of the Century
  • Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1st edition)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (4th edition)
  • Shadowrun (3rd edition)
  • Mage: the Awakening
  • Changeling: the Dreaming

I've previously run FATE, SotC, AD&D, and D&D4e. I've only played SR3, Mage, and Changeling, but I'd be willing to study up and run a game if others want to try them out.
A former member
Post #: 3
I am a hard core Palladium GM and have been running games in that system for over 15 years.

Rifts RPG / Palladium
Heroes RPG / Palladium
I have on order and will receive soon: Chaos Earth ( an independant Rifts game)
Star Wars RPG / both the West End D6 version and the updated D20 system
Star Trek RPG

user 9857360
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 5
GM: Will


Dungeons and Dragons (2nd-4th various sourcebooks for each of them)
Mutants and Masterminds
Deadlands Classic (almost the entire collection of non dime novel books)
Deadlands Hell on Earth
Deadlands Lost Colony
BESM 2nd Edition
Cthulhutech (with Vade Mecum Companion)
Doctor Who: Adventures through Time and Space (Cubicle 7)
Legend of the Five Rings (1st Edition, Revised 3rd Edition, almost every supplement from the beginning of 3rd to current)
Star Trek (Decipher)
Star Wars (Saga)
7th Sea
Burning Sands
Hero System (5th and 6th and a few supers supplements)
In Nomine
All Flesh Must Be Eaten (1st and 2nd Edition and Dungeons and Zombies)
Angel (Unisystem)
Fading Suns
Vampire the Masquerade (Revised, with Camarilla Guide, Sabbat Guide, Storyteller's Guide, and Kindred of the East)
Werewolf the Apocalypse (Revised, Storyteller's and Player's Guide, Apocalypse, the Changing Breed books, and Book of Wyrm, Wyld, and Weaver, and a few revised tribe books)
Mage the Ascension (Revised)
Changeling The Dreaming (2nd, all House books)
Wraith the Oblivion (1st and 2nd, and Risen)
Mummy the Resurrection
Hunter The Reckoning (1st (only), with Storyteller's and Player's guide)
Demon the Fallen
Exalted (1st, with Abyssals, Sidereals, Dragonblooded)
Monte Cook's World of Darkness
World of Darkness Core
Vampire the Requiem (with Bloodlines the Hidden)
Werewolf the Forsaken
Mage the Awakening
Changeling the Lost
Geist the Sin-Eaters
Group Organizer
Raleigh, NC
Post #: 248
*BUMP*As discussed in the Organizational Meeting, I'll start the list of games that GMs have to play. If you're a GM and interested in adding to the list, please reply and list what you have.
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