April 5th is our 3 month anniversary!

From: Lynella J.
Sent on: Saturday, March 23, 2013 9:43 PM

HELLO ALL! I'm having a great time here in Barcelona. I have one more week left, then onto Bologna. I hope YOU are all having a great time at the movies! I see the posters here, in Castilian or maybe in Catalonian? Whatever it is, I CAN'T READ IT! LOL. My friend Lydia has been doing some translation for me, but she doesn't know Catalonian either and some of the Castilian translations are interesting. I found that there are movie theaters here that play in their original languages, but I haven't checked them out. I am only here a short time and I can do Redbox when I get home, buuuut, I'll probably be in the theater everyday trying to see anything playing for a week after I get home. LOL. I have participated here with a Meetup group that took the train out of town to Girona and 2 different Sunday Brunch Meetups for the members to practice their English. I am going out again before I leave with the first group to a "Medieval Festivity in Hostalric, a walled town with an spectacular fortress", AKA, a Renaissance Faire! I will delete myself from the groups before I leave Barcelona. I joined one group in Bologna and have been e-mailing with the leader, Ketty. She is going to come one day while I am in Bologna and take me out to show me stuff! I am really looking forward to that! Her group also meets up to practice English. Since I don't know either language, this makes it easier for me to find people to talk to in MY language.

I want to thank everyone who has joined the group. I especially want to thank those of you who have been coming to the movies every week and I REALLY, REALLY want to thank RON, Charles and Sharon for helping while I am gone. Sending the love!

I would like to keep our membership to individuals who are actively looking at the website to keep up with what is going on and those coming to the movies. It shows you are really interested in what is happening here and keeping track of your Meetups. If you are not participating with us, we are sad to see you on our membership list, but never see you come to the movies with us. I have already sent out e-mails to some and removed members who have not looked at the website in over 2 months. I find that 'stirring the pot' as such, will keep people motiviated and not 'die on the vine' as it were. Meaning, if you have signed up, but are not participating, you will get an e-mail about being removed from our Meetup group. I have stated that if you say your are coming, then can't, but don't change your RSVP status I will not delete you from the group and this is true, I won't. But, if you are not participating in ANY WAY, I will.

This is a Meetup group, so let's MEETUP!




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