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Rochester Sci-Fi / Role-playing Geek Meetup Group Message Board › Looking for additional players

Looking for additional players

A former member
Post #: 3
My Sunday RPG group is looking to get some new players interested in face-to-face RPG'ing. Currently there are five of us but it looks like we will losing two this summer due to one moving to South Carolina. Currently I have been running Traveller (Mongoose version but with some variant house rules) in an ongoing campaign, but we sometimes switchout to other things (Savage Worlds stuff and someone else's homebrew(?) game). Other games

We meet Sunday afternoons from about 3:30 until about 11 or so (sometimes later if my schedule permits) at my place south of Fairport (Routes 31 and 250) with adequate gaming space and parking in the driveway. We also tend to go out to nearby places for dinner (McDonalds, Wendys, DiBellas, Bill Grays -- other options are Subway, Great Northern Pizza, Tom Wahls, Panera Bread, and Aja Noodle).

Let me know if you are interested in trying us out via message board or e-mail! Probably could use about 4 to 6 players overall as 8 is about my limit.
A former member
Post #: 5
Still looking for additional players as it looks like my group will lose two players by the end of moving out of state and the other for lack of a ride from Bergen, NY. Mostly do Traveller, though Savage Worlds and a homebrew scifi/fantasy campaign (run by another player) are
A former member
Post #: 6
Currently still looking for anyone out there willing to try RPG's other than D&D and/or Pathfinder (mostly because I cannot afford the investment to really get into Pathfinder, and figure there's already enough D&D campaigns out there). Willing to do one-shots if necessary for various games -- Traveller, Dragon Age RPG (Green Ronin), Savage Worlds (various genres), CthulhuTech, Eclipse Phase, Star Trek, or Blue Planet.

Traveller (Mongoose) -- Far future "hard" science fiction (does allow for psionics), uses d6's;
Dragon Age (Green Ronin) -- based on the popular videogame series, uses d6's;
Savage Worlds (Pinnacle) -- easy to learn and play covering most genres with published campaigns, uses polyhedral dice + 1 extra d6;
CthulhuTech (Wildfire LLC) -- near-future science fiction/horror/anime mashup with future earth versus the Mythos but using arcanetech weaponry including mecha and shapeshifters as well...for all those wanting to hit the mythos back and HURT them! uses d10's IIRC;
Eclipse Phase (Post Human Studios LLC) -- another fairly near-future science fiction/horror/transhuman/conspiracy game wherein the PC's may have interchangeable bodies to download into (i.e. bioshells, infomorphs, androids...) to perform missions for a shadowy organization known as FIREWALL, uses a percentile system;
Star Trek (Decipher or Last Unicorn versions) -- based on the popular TV series and movies.
Blue Planet (Fantasy Flight Games) -- science fiction game set in 2199 AD with humanity fleeing to a new world...very well developed world with transhuman elements and cetacean uplifts, uses d10's IIRC.

I could do these either at Millennium (Tuesdays or Thursdays in the evening), or Sunday afternoon-evening at my house in Fairport or a mutually agreeable location. I do have two other gamers available on Sunday (the remains of my Sunday group). I would prefer a more weekly get together, but am willing to do some one-shots as I said earlier for all those interested!!biggrin
Don M.
user 54141022
Rochester, NY
Post #: 1
I would be keen on trying out Traveller. I have the Mongoose edition myself but I can't get others to play for love or money. It would be a 20 minute drive for me to get to Fairport but doable. Going to Millennium would be pretty much the same distance though I'm typically not doing anything on Sundays so that would be good.

Let me know if you're still recruiting.
A former member
Post #: 10
Still recruiting. Currently I have the remaining two players doing some Savage Worlds D&D whilst I recover from some Traveller burnout -- with two players leaving, I rushed some storylines over the last couple of months to get some closure before they left. I do plan to resume Traveller later, just taking some time to recharge the creative "batteries."

The Traveller I run uses the Mongoose rules, but our group has also added some "house" rules here and there. Not sure what the restart will be as they have fairly experienced characters that they have run for almost 3 years or I am undecided yet as to whether it will be a continuation of the old campaign (but with new storylines), or a new campaign set in the same universe as the previous campaign with new characters. Will probably talk it over with current players. If old campaign, your character will be generated per rules/house rules and then receive experience points to buy up skills and attributes to a certain campaign, then everyone will be on equal footing.

Preferably the game would remain at my house in Fairport (near routes 31 and 250) which is also near several food establishments as we go out to dinner during break time. Timewise, my players tend to show up between 3:30 and 4 pm, then we play until 10 or 10:30 pm...sometimes later.
Don M.
user 54141022
Rochester, NY
Post #: 2
Okay. Well, I'm fine with either approach to the proposed campaign. Based on my reading of the rules Traveller strikes me as an easy game to play but not so easy to GM.
I've been trying to develop my own sub-sector and I can assure you it's time consuming.

Let me know what is going on with your group.
A former member
Post #: 11
This weekend has nothing going on as my players go camping while I will be dealing with some family related stuff. We did have one other player who dropped out about 2 years ago due to health reasons show up this past Sunday, but don't know if she will continue showing up on a regular basis (dependent on health).

Most of Mongoose' rules are based off of GDW's classic rules set from 1977 to 1982 or so. I have added some changes to hit points vs damage (unconscious level = Str + Dex + End; Wounded status = 1/2 of unconscious level, rounded down with result of -2 modifier applied to all dice rolls (or+2 to target number of task depending on how one looks at it); Death level or Hits-to-Kill = Str + Dex + (End x 2). A few other tweaks involve breakdown of melee and gun combat specializations (less than what is Mercenary or Central Supply catalog), and a few other rules here and there. I also added two new attributes in Willpower and Charisma (the latter not be confused with Vargr Charisma).

Yes I do know about the challenges of running the we have discovered from Mongoose in that they have had too many "cooks" in the "kitchen." There have been many discussions over various interpretations, discrepancies, and outright rules screwups due to too many writers involved and not enough collaboration in our opinion. I do hate making snap decisions in some cases (much to my players' chagrin) as I have been "burned" by other gamers I used to game with.

Campaign-wise, My group managed to bring the 5th Frontier War to a halt about 2 1/2 years ahead of what the official universe had as it's ending. I had also added the Mind-Flayers (Illithids) from D&D as an ancient very evil race (like the Shadows were in Babylon 5) who may be leaving for parts unknown for the most part due to players' actions. As they had gone through the Secrets of the Ancients mega-adventure, my players do have access to some very powerful ancient technology and are fairly competent psions (still illegal in Imperium for now). With possibly new players coming in, I will have to see how everyone feels regarding the running of old characters (with new players getting their characters "beefed" up) or new characters putting everyone on a more equal footing.
Don M.
user 54141022
Rochester, NY
Post #: 3
Yeesh, sounds like your group were real movers and shakers. Very epic scale to the game. I liked the mongoose edition as a whole but I felt they really didn't do the best editing job. My personal favourite was - in my copy at least - the complete lack of the multiplication symbol. Their was some kind of printing error where that character in the font simply didn't print. Anywhere. The letter 'X' was there.
Lack of attention to detail which is too bad. Also they strove for a more generic setting which seems to have been a theme throughout the games run. So much so people on line would use the acronym MTU (as in MY Traveller Universe) or something to that effect. It was interesting how they kept the Imperium as this nebulous, hands off entity working in the background but it does make even more work for the GM while being liberating at the same time.
Let me know what's going on and I hope your friend stays in good health.
A former member
Post #: 13
Originally my campaign started out as a sort of Free Trader/Exploration -type campaign ("Firefly/Serenity", but with more exploration stuff too). Over the next 2 1/2 years (real time, a little over 3 years in the game universe) it evolved into a more high-powered, Exploration/Military/Political Intrigue campaign especially as I was using the official History of the standard Traveller Universe as a guide...when the Fifth Frontier War broke out, most of the party get re-instated back into their former services (Imperial Navy and Imperial Scout Service) and were used as a covert missions team. As such, they slowly uncovered a known-universe wide conspiracy involving several groups (not all of whom were aware they were part of a larger conspiracy) over time and revealed it. Things got a bit more dangerous as they encountered surviving members of the "Ancients" who provided a wealth of knowledge regarding what was really going on -- as in, the ancient war of the Ancients was still going on, just "quieter." Things finally came to a boil as some Ancients' factions started to reveal themselves and were threatening annihilation of all current civilizations. The players though had some powerful technology themselves, and powerful allies to boot, and finally defeated several of those leaders behind the conspiracies -- plus they saved the fleets of the major powers and The Emperor himself at the end.

I believe most GMs use the standard Traveller Universe (or OTU as it is called), but like me, modify it to make it their own. There are probably some who created theirs "whole cloth," and some who used other Campaigns using the Traveller rules (which I also have for the most part) -- these being Babylon 5, Hammer's Slammers, Judge Dredd, etc. -- but I think most used the OTU in some form. There are also many Sectors to adventure in the OTU too, some even oriented towards playing non-Imperials.

Like I mentioned before, there are flaws in the rules here and there but my group has been able to work with them, just needing to make decisions here and there (which has been a bit rough for me at times as I do not want to make a ruling that could "break" the game -- unfortunately there are those players who do like to do thatangry). Anyways, I do hope I can get the group to expand more and will keep you posted. I have also been in contact with the group up in Ontario who were looking for players for their D&D group as a means to expand...with the hopes of maybe someday "expanding" their gaming by trying other things. Me, I have always been one to give almost any RPG a try and as such, i am familiar with quite a few systems though sometimes it can get confusing...confused
A former member
Post #: 16
Right now, it looks like the next Traveller I run will be same universe as before with my players preferring their current characters rather than new ones. It will also probably be set about two years after the "end" of the last storylines. Should you join us (we hope), your character will get "beefed" up after character generation to avoid being overshadowed by the established crew except for some equipment they have (generally "ancient-tech"). That shouldn't be too much of a problem as they haved learned about when and where to use it to avoid drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

The campaign will probably be Star-Trek like with the group going out, exploring, and acting as ambassadors-at-large for the Imperium. The rest of the group consists of a winged-human female -- high ranking Imperial Naval Officer and current Duchess of Regina Subsector; male droyne, warrior caste -- former (and current) Imperial Scout, former pirate; and a human female prototype psionic warrior -- product of top secret Imperial Navy project being watched by other female character.

I hope to determine more this coming weekend (July 22nd) regarding finalization of campaign details and start date (probably soon I believe). Let me know if you are still interested. Still recruiting for any other interested parties too!!biggrin
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