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From: Mike L.
Sent on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 3:45 PM

Hi all,

Whenever someone suggests something for/about/regarding the group, I think about it.

If two people bring up a subject to me independent of each other, it's time for a discussion.

When three people -- can you imagine three people a day walking in and singing a bar of ... sorry, a flashback.

The topic is: Do we want to change the name of our group, and if so, to what?


Background: CenTex Writes began as Round Rock Writers in August, 2008. I'm not entirely sure if the meeting place was always Hastings (now, Filx Brewhouse), but by the time I joined (July, 2007) it was the only place we met, except for that 4th Saturday Write In meeting, for which we continue to use the Georgetown Public Library.

About two years ago, Hastings closed down, and the Organizer, Neva, worked long and hard to find a new semi-permanent home for us. The two most likely venues were not in Round Rock, so she changed the name of our group to CenTex Writers and printed up new cards. And as things turned out, none of the venues could accommodate us with the aggressive meeting schedule we had -- except for where we are now. I can't express how fortunate I feel about being able to meet at Star Co. for as often as we do, especially with adding out Monday night meetings there as well.

Back to the name thing... At the time, Neva made the unilateral decision to change the name. When she announced it, I voiced my objections, citing the fact that "CenTex" was such an overused brand name, it was cliche. As someone else recently mentioned, "It sounds like we're a construction company."


So that's it. We need to print up new cards, and if we're going to make a name change, this is the time to do it. This message is also being posted on the site's message board, so replies, suggestions, etc., should be posted there as well. Any and all names, including the current one, will be considered at the Shop Talk meeting. I want this to be a consensus decision; vote for as many as you wish.



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