Find Your Team

  • November 18, 2014 · 6:00 PM

Find team members to help create your application or game.

You will have 1 slide and 1 minute to present your Application/Game to the attendees if you wish. Or you can simply listening to other peoples presentations, Mingling and networking and refreshements will also be going while presentations are going on for those who are coming to use the time mostly for networking.

Register right here on this eventbrite page: FIND YOUR TEAM

Location: Xero Headquarters 101 Green Street San Franscisco Ca 94111

Agenda for Tueday November 18, 2014

6:00 - 6:30 Doors open, Registration, Refreshments Mingling

6:30 - 8:30 - Presentations begin (these will go on simultaneously with listening, mingling and networking in the back with refreshments)

6:30 - 8:30  Mix, Mingle, and chat with your potential team members

9PM Be wrapped up and saying goodby.


Presentations should be from startups and those forming companies rather than professional recruiting or from larger established corporate teams unless you are the venue hosting.

This is a chance to mix, mingle, and make new friends, so leave bad attitudes behind.


Q. What if I don't have my slide yet?

A. We will take people with a slide first who registered on eventbrite, followed by those who registered on eventbrite with no slide, followed by those who have no slide and just rsvped on the meetup

Q. Will you do this again, possibly in Mountain View also?

A. Yes we plan to, especially if a good portion of the people who have indicated show up for this one in SF and yes we want one in Mountain view also which is harder to get hosts for, especially those who will help with refreshments, but we may have some bites on Mountain View venue and also if you know of some who are willing to provide refreshments let us know. We love you but don't wish to be stuck with a refreshment bill when running a free event on our free time.

Q. What happens if someone steals my idea?

A. How will you find a team member if you don't share?

Q. Can we have NDA's at the event?

A. There will be no NDA shenanigans. This is a free event and the organizers don't wish to spend their own free time as NDA police. Plus excecution and alliances and funding are as large a part of success as a good idea.

Q. What happens if I form a team at the event and things don't turn out or there's a dispute?

A. We are not attorney’s, please consult your legal counsel for legal questions.

Q. Location is a bit of of walking distance to Bart

A. It's still walkable however in SF Uber and Lyft usually work pretty awesomely for short trips. Hey running a startup is not for those not willing to put effort ;)

Q.Shoud I relax, network, meet people and have some fun regaurdless of if I find the right team member right away.

A. Yes we highly recommend that, life is short and hey, Zero is kind enough to supply some food and drink refreshements for the evening.


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  • Jim B.

    Looking for a CTO co-founder to join very early stage concept to change last mile, local retail delivery. 6-12 months funding for team of 3-4. Building team now. bummed to miss this meetup.

    November 19

    • Matthew Y.

      Jim - I am an experienced start-up CTO and I can help your team on building the team and join your company - my name is Matthew Yeseta - send me your email contact

      November 19

  • Jason Y.

    Hey everyone,

    I'm the founder of Groupee, an iOS app that uses GPS and Bluetooth to aggregate crowd data about the people in venues around you (clubs, bars, stadiums, rallys, etc.), which is in turned shared and searchable by everyone using the app. We're looking for a CTO to join the team as a co-founder.

    My email is [masked]. Looking forward to meeting some of you tonight!

    1 · November 18

    • Andre

      Cool idea Jason. Let's chat tonight. --Andre Persidsky

      November 18

  • Jordan S.

    Looking forward to tonight! I'm the founder of Huckle, a location-based social network that not only shows you where your friends are, but who they're with right now. We launched in the App Store around 10 days ago and we're looking for an iOS dev to join the team.

    Our site is
    Download in the app store:

    If you want to meet up tonight at the event, here's my email: [masked]



    November 18

  • David P.

    Hey Guys,

    I'm the founder of Avibe, a cross-platform social music network that tracks what you play across any music service, allowing you to discover, share, and play what your friends are listening to. We're currently in beta, and looking for an iOS Full Stack engineer to oversee technical development of the company and go through an accelerator with. Shoot me an email at [masked] if you'd like to meet up tonight, and check out for more!

    November 18

  • Ilya M.

    Hi All,

    I'm a founder and CEO of a San Francisco based startup called @CARMAnation (

    I will be at the event tomorrow. Looking for a CTO or Lead Developer to join the team.

    The company is currently bootstrapped so the position would be for equity at the moment. This is a very exciting time for the company. We are expanding quickly and have been fortunate to receive local and national press mentions.

    You can read up more here:

    Let me know if you are interested, and especially if you would like to meet up and speak with me at the event.

    November 17

  • Peter H.

    Hi, I have a prototype for an indoor cycling app and a good amount of content to test. Looking to work with anyone interested in developing a fitness video platform app.

    1 · November 17

  • Mark T.

    We're working on an elastic ambient network - with a business model. If you're an iOS dev with proximity and location experience and want to be part of a team developing a compelling peer-to-peer application pls send a message before the meetup.

    November 17

  • A former member
    A former member

    Looking for talented programmers to disrupt YouTube. Are you up for a challenge?

    1 · July 23

    • John W.

      I am up for the challenge. I have a patented very high compression Codec which you might need to compete with You Tube. Anyway, Let's talk

      November 17

    • John W.

      Reach me at[masked]

      November 17

  • Samuel Patrick K.

    Hi all, I have an app I'm looking to create that is essentially a new type if drum machine if anyone out there has experience with audio/music app development. Stoked to meet up with you!

    November 17

  • Adam B.

    How do we apply to present? The "FIND YOUR TEAM" link above leads to what seems like an outdated form...

    1 · November 17

  • Scotty K.

    If there are any developers into elastic search, who want to use your superpowers for social good? OpenLabel is absurdly ambitious, but important: we're empowering consumers, and bringing "radical transparency" to all products and companies. Check out for more, or email me at [masked]!

    November 17

  • Andre

    Hello All,

    Founder of a recently launched dating site:

    Rate politeness of other users after chats and emails--a kinder gentler dating site :)

    Currently web-based and custom built in PHP with plans for iOS and Android apps soon (it's not a template site). Looking for an interested iOS, Android, or PHP web developer for equity. I'm a programmer too, but not iOS.

    Yeah it's a small site and a bit old school, and really launched it as a side project just for fun. But was surprised to see many sign ups and early traction whenever I've advertised it, so taking it a bit more serious now. Seems like it can scale, contrary to all the naysayers. Looking to work with someone to add features and improve it. Thanks for checking it out!

    1 · November 16

    • Jason R.

      I'd love to help. Send me a private message and we can exchange contact info.

      1 · November 17

  • Peter K.

    I have a concept for a fitness/training related app that I'm looking to build. I have all the content, but need a bit of help from some mobile devs with the implementation. Would also like to build extensions for the app for Android Wear and iWatch. Most likely would prefer to use a hybrid/native approach with a Cordova wrapper for the cross platform phone app and then the appropriate platform specific additions for the wearable component.

    November 11

  • Adam B.

    Epoque is moving to SF in a few weeks and looking for another Android/gaming engineer to join us! We take high performance real-time development from Massive Multiplayer Online RPGs and bring it to the real world map. Epoque is built completely on WebSockets and Web RTC to empower PingPong chats. The back end relies on a Node.JS server supported by ZeroMQ as a backplane.

    A user broadcasts a message on a live interactive map and can then engage with others in a PingPong conversation. See more at

    November 11

  • Austin J. Q.

    Hi All,

    I am building a Serial Ebook Platform,, and looking for a solid team of Devs/Designers/Marketers. We are also looking for a group of avid authors/readers who would like to be exclusive beta testers playing an instrumental role in the development of the site. There will be a host of perks for beta testers such as featured space on the site, early access and more. I have a CTO who will be bringing the project to market by Christmas and we will have some strong backing by Q1 of 2015.

    Limiting beta to 100 users. Please send me a message if interested. Thanks!

    November 11

  • Christina M.

    I'm working on

    If you don't already know: equips developers with a simple way to make their products listen, understand, and talk to users. The platform combines natural language understanding with speech recognition and synthesis, enabling natural speech interfaces to be easily added to any solution.

    2 · October 22

  • Laurenti Arnault de' M.

    Is it anybody attending the GLAZEDcon event in London this Wednesday?
    For late buyers. there is a 25% discount code on the link below, hope it is not too late to make up your mind.

    October 20

  • John

    I'm a co-founder of a small startup with a 6 member team, including a very experienced Android developer, iOS developer, back-end developer and front end UI/UX developer. We have an exciting project nearing completion and we could really use additional help on Android and/or iOS. We need a final push to get the beta finished, but will need ongoing help too. We could do $$ or equity, whatever is a fit. I'd love to meet up with anyone interested and show a demo of the app on my phone and chat. Message me here for details or email [masked]


    2 · October 14

  • Alvaro R.

    I'm looking for a mobile developer to work on a short term android based project. Why would you want to do it.

    We'll pay you but if that is not enough and want to do something meaningful here it is. Small farmers lose 14 to 33% of their profits because they have to sell to middlemen. Our tools help farmers remove the need to use middlemen. So let's stick it to the middlemen which by the way, cause our food to be more expensive. Did you you know that fresh products zigzag 7 to 10 times between middlemen before it makes it to the store. email me if interested:


    October 8

  • Ilya M.

    I am a Co-founder and CEO of a San Francisco startup called CARMAnation ( I am looking for an CTO (IOS and Android developer) to join the tea for an exciting opportunity! Message me for details!

    1 · October 6

    • Matthew Y.

      Ilya. I am an excellent experienced CTO for over 1 plus years and I have CTO and iOS. Wgat is your email so that I can send you my CTO resume. Matthew

      October 6

    • Ilya M.

      Hi Matthew. Wanted to let you know as well that the position would currently be a for equity position. In process of raising funding round. Please email me at [masked]

      October 7

  • Sylvia P.

    Not able to attend this event no location is posted yet, coming from Marin. (need good planning time) Would be interested in future events. I recently attended UCSC Silicon Extension Course mobil design. Anyone needs a designer check out my site

    October 6

    • Marcio D.

      Hello Sylvia! I am also from Marin (i.e. Novato), so let em know if you want to catch a ride with me.

      October 6

    • Sylvia P.

      Hello Marcio, that would be great please message me when you get a chance. Thank's! :)

      October 6

  • Emmet B.

    My partners and I will be driving in from out of town. Can anyone please clarify the location? thanks!

    October 6

  • Deanna P.

    Looking for some Android Developers Guru to help support a Mobile Application Project, Looking for someone who has worked with Native Apps this is a small team start up and very collaborative environment, Email me if your interested in the Oakland/SF Area, [masked]

    October 2

  • Ilya M.

    Hi there, I'm a Co-founder and CEO of a San Francisco based startup called CARMAnation ( We are looking for a Lead Developer or CTO to join the team for equity at this stage. We are currently web-based (PHP and Java Script) and will launching an iOS and Android soon. Looking for a team player, and a team member to become part of the team at a very exciting time for us. Few media examples: Business Insider:

    The Bold Italic:



    October 1

  • Emmet B.

    Hi there - my partner and I were planning on coming to this meet-up on thurs, sept 18. Did the date for this event change?

    September 15

  • Matthew Y.

    Ann. I can help as a co- founder and help develop work with you. Matthew

    1 · August 27, 2012

    • Ann

      Please email me your resume. annshin1@gmail

      September 3

    • Tikeswar N.

      Matthew, pls email me also your CV ([masked]). Thanx.

      September 8

  • Jarek P.

    I am coming to San Francisco soon for WWDC and staying over few days after. I am a passionate engineer, CTO of a mobile software development shop ( - we work mostly with startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and help them with our dedicated teams of engineers to build their startups. We value quality and building the right things in agile, cooperative way. I am also co-founder of meetup group and love to make connections with the community of mobile developers.

    1 · June 1, 2013

    • Ann

      I'm interested.

      September 3

    • Tikeswar N.

      I am interested too.

      September 8

  • Calvin L.

    Hi folks, working on an iOS messaging/social networking app. We're in beta with a well-received prototype and strong advisors. Currently working with a couple part-time engineers, and looking for a CTO/VP of Engineering level person to join the team. Cash+equity available, contact me at [masked]. Thanks!

    September 8

    • Matthew Y.

      Calvin. I have VP of Engineering experience for a former start-up, I just rolled off. I also was a CTO at another start up where I managed the team. I will send you my resume. Matthew

      September 8

    • Tikeswar N.

      Hi Matthew, would you please send me also your CV ([masked]). I am working on some neat patent pending apps and looking for a talented team. Thank you!

      September 8

  • Colyer D.

    MedQuest (.org; under development) is a hub for Aging in Place, healthcare tech, etc.. Need website and app development and general asst.. If able to consider participating (at least a little) pre-funding, call for more info (hey, it's a great opportunity and a good cause!). Col[masked]

    September 8

  • Keith

    Ann, Any ideas when a location will be posted? Thanks.

    September 8

  • Istvan J.

    Hi all, I'm looking for a cofounder for my mobile app, preferably with iOS skills. Back-end is also needed, though not top priority. Prototype is done in Android.

    September 2

  • Venu

    I am looking for an IOS and Android developer for an exciting start-up opportunity. Interested in being part of the founding team, please respond with your details.

    August 18

  • Jordie

    Infinyte Corp is seeking talented iOS and android developers and have set aside 20% equity for the right senior staff. Company was just valued at over $100 mill. Are you up for a challenge? Email me directly at [masked] ASAP

    1 · August 5

  • Dean Q.

    Is this still on today? Why does it say September 18 already? Do you recycle this event?

    July 24

    • Ann B.

      the venue we planned on had to undergo work. We are hoping third time charm though and if we can find good venue fit would be happy to "recycle" it by doing it every 4 months or so at that venue

      July 24

  • Toan D.

    Hello everyone! I am searching for team members, specifically for android and ios developers. I have already developed an ios app to help connect small business owners to consumers. We are 75% complete with our app and due to launch in x<30 days. Please ping me if you're interested in joining the team. Look forward to meeting you!

    July 21

  • Michelle N.

    I am looking for an IOS and Android developer for an exciting opportunity! Interested in starting a company and being part of the founding team for the next big app? Message me for details! I promise you will NOT regret it!

    July 15

    • Matthew Y.

      Hi Michelle. I have startup leadership and mobile iOS and Android. I would like more details. Matthew

      July 21

  • Ranjy

    hi all,
    I am Ranjy from switzerland and I would like to meet new friends (sharing a passion for entrepreneurhsip and technology) during my 10 days stay in SF. Please don't hesitate to email me , will love to share notes! look foward to meeting you guys, best, Ranjy

    July 15

  • Jordie

    Attention! I'm looking for talented programmers to team up with and create a company that has the potential to surprise Silicon Valley and the world. I have worked for sr management in numerous international companies and know that the patents we hold means this can be big. Really BIG. The first four of the programming team gets above average salary and equity. Please check out careers at to learn how to be part of this team and exciting opportunity.

    July 14

  • Stephane A.

    This sounds like a great event! I have a great mobile app idea. I worked on the concept, built some wireframes/mockups of the app with all the linkings... I am just looking for the right partner who has the tech computer sciences background to help create it. I looked at Mobile App development company to hire but don't have the cash to $/hrs. I would rather find someone who want to partner with me on the project.
    Btw the app would have sexual content and be directed to both gay & straight users. Looking forward to the event. In the meantime, I can be contacted at [masked]

    July 4

  • Doug M.

    Text says this Thurs 4/10, and eventbrite and meetup calendar say 7/24. Last comment was over a year ago! What's the real schedule?

    April 5

    • Yannis B.

      Good thing I checked today before heading down there. Looks like it's all 7/24 now.

      April 10

    • Eric E.

      If it's really 7-24, then WHERE??

      July 1

  • Prashant S.

    I am looking to build a small mobile development team (iOS and Android) for an awesome mobile app at this event.
    Would prefer to support local bay area freelance developers and designers.

    Given that this is 2 months away, open to PM if you are interested to know more sooner. Full development lifecycle experience required. GPS tracking/maps experience preferred. [masked]


    1 · June 9

  • Lubna

    I'm looking for both an iOS and Android Developer to join our start-up in Mountain View. We're a supply chain cloud start-up that just closed a $50mm funding round. It's a great opportunity to build for an industry that's untouched. Message me if you'd like to learn more or check us out -

    January 23, 2014

    • Matthew Y.

      Lubna, I would love to work at Elementum, I sent my resume to your website. Matthew Yeseta

      March 31

  • Will

    Hi, I'm Will, I am an co-founder & CEO of an private social network called Space. Currently, we are hiring great talented app developers. We would be chosen by plug and play, an incubator which hatched Google and Paypal before.
    If you ever dreamed to work in a fast-growing start-up and work for your own destiny. Email me: [masked]

    Look forward to meet you guys:)

    March 31

  • Tikeswar N.

    Looking for Android / iOS developers to help with some exciting ideas. If you are looking for a change and would like to be an early player, please drop me a line.

    March 2

  • A former member
    A former member

    Need help with your app? We write good code and provide excellent UX for web and mobile apps. We aren't outsourcing. We work alongside you and share the know-how.

    Cloud City Development is a full-service digital product consultancy. We follow modern software development best practices while crafting a solution for your specific needs. Our designers and fullstack Rails developers each have 5-13 years of experience building great software for the web. We are at your service for product development, team augmentation, scaling, MVPs, and CTO consulting.

    1 · September 30, 2013

  • A former member
    A former member

    June 28, 2013

  • Alvaro R.

    If you need a location, I can find out for you if Runway in the City may be open to let us use their facilities. Let me know, please.

    June 7, 2013

  • Doug P

    Building an innovative personal finance app for iOS in RubyMotion. Seeking enthusiastic innovative thinkers to take on UX and help with development. This will be a page-one app that customers will use multiple times per day. Pre-funding startup.

    April 25, 2013

  • A former member
    A former member

    We are creating an interactive mobile social media platform with incredible potential and are looking for a developer to join our core founding team. Message me if you are interested.

    March 10, 2013

  • Ryan S.

    Trace is hiring an experienced iOS developer to take the iOS lead as we prepare for beta launch. Co-Founder equity and salary...message me: [masked]

    February 6, 2013

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