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From: Jeff
Sent on: Thursday, December 30, 2010 9:14 PM
Kathy, I have all the hope that the evil people behind the 9/11 fraud will be brought out into the public light, but a lot of these questions I have serious problems with. Before you accuse me of being a disinformation specialist or a crank, let me tell you I have a degree in Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and have been familiar studying Yamasaki's design since 1994.

I have yet to see any solid, reliable evidence of a "free-fall acceleration" from either of the twin tower collapses. I hear this repeated over and over in this group and it is starting to sound like the "Big Lie Principle". Just who has actually taking each frame footage of the collapse and made this determination and provided a reference of an actual free body in fall from an altitude equal to the height of the building? No such evidence has been shown so I take this as a hollow statement. Also, in the past, I've heard the same nonsense about beams hitting adjacent buildings 5-600 feet away, as if that was not possible. When you have a catastrophic collapse such as this,all sorts of heavy structural members are colliding at random angles, any of which are sufficient to provide a horizontal force that at the altitude of the building, given the force of gravity, will give you a parabolic course that easily can be several hundred feet.

Gravity accelerates at 32 ft per sec per sec or 9.8 meters per sec per sec not 2.25. That figure is utter nonsense. Any physics book has this value.

Cell phones WOULD work on any of these planes, as none of them were at typical flight altitudes of 33,000 or more feet. After he highjackers took over, they descended and were all flying at altitudes from 500 feet to a mile at most before they hit their targets. Cell phone towers would pick up phone calls. Please correct this error or stop using this as another piece of evidence in your case. It makes those of us serious about 9/11 Truth look like a bunch of asses.

This constant reference to 'Micro-thermite". Please remove the tin foil hats. Thermite is a commonly used material in welding construction, especially on a beam thickness like the columns of the World Trade Center, thickness which is several inches at the lower floors. It is not new technology either. It has been used for almost a century. Commonly it is used on railroad rails to bring the metal up to near melting temperature so that welding equipment can make a more thorough penetrating weld than the equipment could achieve on its own.

Finally, other high rise steel structures have survived fires for longer periods of time because their fireproofing, either sprayed-on material or simple gypsum board kept the fire and its heat energy away from the steel, as it was designed to do. These buildings did not have products from the Boeing Corporation slicing through them at 400 MPH obliterating the fireproofing and providing pools of thousands of gallons of JP2. I'm tired of hearing that these buildings failed. They did what they were designed to do in a catastrophic airplane collision. They survived long enough to allow an evacuation. Whether it be 1 hour or two hour fire rating, the extraordinary damage caused by an airliner doesn't guarantee that a structural failure will be avoided, just that such a failure won't be immediate, which it wasn't. These buildings stayed up for a reasonable time. It was a fool's errand that the fire departments sent people to their death thinking they could do something about the fires. With no precedent to draw from, they wee just doing their jobs. Maybe more fire captains will be now be required to take some steel structure courses to know what forces they are capable of withstanding.

Again, I'm not trying to dis-inform, I'm just punching more holes in this Swiss Cheese of a case you present.

I'm more interested in why NORAD had all our military aircraft out on maneuvers over the Atlantic. Recently, given the legislation that Congress balked at regarding health effects of the ground zero clean up workers, I wonder why Rudy Guiliani's head wasn't asked for as it would seem to be his responsibility or aurthority to demand proper respiratory and haz-mat gear, all of which he ignored. Let's start barking up the right tree and get off the tin foil hat brigade this group seems stuck on lately. And yes, the Building 7 collapse is still an unexplained mystery.

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Below is a short list of ���Did you know��� questions that can be used at street actions. This is not an inclusive list - you may use any 9/11 related fact. The idea is to use these sound bites to get passersby to come over and talk to us about the events of 9/11/01. Please read and give me any feedback. We will print out copies and bring it to the street actions. Hope to see many of you on 1/11/11 at 11:00.

Kathy and Mike

Did you know���.

1. ���that on the afternoon of 9/11 a third building, WTC 7, a 47 story steel framed high rise building, came down at free fall acceleration at 5:20? And that this building was not hit by a plane?

2. ���that NIST acknowledges that WTC 7 descended at gravitational acceleration for 2.25 seconds on 9/11? And that this means that all 82 of its steel columns failed simultaneously?

3. ���that the fires in the South and North Towers lasted only 56 and 102 minutes, but that fires have raged in other steel framed high rises for much longer, and none of them have ever collapsed?

4. ���that the Twin Towers came down at almost free fall acceleration, in about 10 seconds each, which would mean that every column, bolt, tress, everything, would have had to have been removed simultaneously?

5. ���that massive steel girders from the Twin Towers were hurled 500 to 600 feet horizontally, and imbedded themselves into building across the street? Wouldn���t this mean that the buildings did not come down gravitationally, but by some other kind of energy?

6. ���that not one pilot on 9/11 squawked the hijack code? According to the official story, it took 30 seconds for the ���hijackers��� to break into the cockpit of flight 93, but why wouldn���t a pilot have taken 3 seconds to squawk the 7500 code into the transponder?

7. ���that in 2001, cell phone calls were impossible at the altitude the airplanes were flying?

8. ���that LAX security was heard discussing a stand down order on 9/11, and when asked who gave this order, LAX security was told that the order came from the highest level of the White House? And that Norman Mineta, then Secretary of Transportation, gave testimony that appears to affirm this?

9. ���that NIST, not following standard national procedures, did not test for any type of explosive when investigating the fall of the 3 towers, even though there were hundreds of reports of explosions on that day?

10. ���that independent scientists tested the dust that blanketed Manhattan that day, and found large quantities of nanothermite, which is a high tech military grade incendiary/explosive, and in a form so explosive that the scientists had not seen it before? This explosive material was not made in a cave in Afghanistan.

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