Group dues (Membership and Organizer)

From: Arethinn
Sent on: Thursday, March 8, 2012 5:45 PM
Hi all,

I've added the expenditures of the organizer fees I pay to Meetup to the 
group money history (http://www.meetup...­), just 
for interest's sake.

I've decided that enough new people have joined lately that I think I 
will want to keep taking a stab at this for at least another six months, 
so I switched to the six-month billing for the next payment they'll 
charge on March 14 ($72, or $12 a month, instead of $15 a month for 3 
months. The $27 in Sept 2011 was a 40% off promotion).

I'm going to keep the membership dues at $3 just for now because that 
will let me break even if just 4 people attend, but if things seem to be 
more than that on average I can easily lower it back down to $2.

You can also see in the transaction history that Paypal skims some money 
off dues payments. I knew this would be the case when I chose to allow 
it, and it's OK, but since the amounts involved are so small, it would 
be nice if you can toss in a few extra dimes to cover that fee if you 
use Paypal. They take 30 cents per transaction plus 3% of the amount, so 
for me to actually get $3.00, you would need to send $3.40 for one 
person (or $6.50 for 2, or $9.60 for 3 - the flat fee + percentage 
formula works out that way as you go up). Not required, just pointing it 
out if you have some spare change. :)

Have you touched the Otherworld lately?

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