Using our Meetup Page

Whether you're new to Meetup or haven't had a chance to explore the site's capabilities (which change rather frequently), we wanted to give you some pointers to help you get the most out of our site and group.

The sections below are:

  • E-Mail Settings
  • Find More Information on our Pages & Discussion Board and Participate in Polls
  • RSVPing for an event
  • Paying for an event
  • Updating your RSVP if your availability has changed
  • Keeping Track of your RSVPs, adding events to your Calendar, and signing up for mobile alerts
  • Keeping Track of you No-Shows and Attendance
  • Editing your profile (including adding a link to your GoodReads page)
  • Using the Meetup iPhone App

E-Mail Settings:

If you're not receiving our e-mails, first check your Spam folder and make sure is included in your 'Safe Senders' list.

Secondly, please make sure your e-mail settings are correct. On the far right of the top menu bar, click My profile -> Email and Notifications:

Make sure that you have the boxes for "a new Meetup is announced", changes to a Meetup I'm attending, and "comments on a Meetup I'm attending".t.

We'd also recommend you select "At most once per day" for "How often do you want to receive Meetup reminders?"

Finally, it is essential that you keep the box checked for Organizer Broadcasts, if you want to avoid missing critical information about the group. Rest assured, we're very careful to use these e-mails sparingly to keep from clogging your inbox. Don't forget to click Submit when you're done.

Find More Information on our Pages & Discussion Board and Participate in Polls:

If you want a neat, compact list of upcoming events and current polls/announcements, please check our About page. On the top menu bar, click Pages:

Then scroll down to upcoming events:

Or, keep scrolling to see a list of other pages available to you, including past and future book selections, policies, and more.

You can find our Discussion Board by clicking on Discussions from the top menu bar:

If you'd like to get a daily update of any new discussion threads and replies, click Track this message board:

If you'd like to participate in any of our active polls (you'll usually see an exclamation point in the top menu bar when there's a new one) or view the results, please click More from the top menu bar and select Polls:

RSVPing for an event
You can RSVP for an event through an e-mail announcement, but please be aware that the information in the e-mail is current as of the time it was sent, so the meetup may have filled up by the time you clicked on the link,

From the event page, if there are still spots available, look on the right hand side under Will you attend? or Join the waitlist?. Please enter the number of guests in addition to yourself (but bear in mind that not all of our events permit guests), and if the event has one, please read the refund policy. You do not need to include a comment.


If your RSVP goes through successfully and you have a spot for the event, you will see a confirmation page:

If your RSVP goes through successfully and you are waitlisted for the event, you will see a confirmation page like this, instead:

Paying for an event
While we do not charge for our events, occasionally an event requires that we buy tickets on your behalf in advance or that we buy/rent equipment that we need you to help cover. If an event requires payment to RSVP, you will have to pay online in order for your RSVP to successfully process. Other events can be paid for at the door with exact change, but the option to pay online is still given for your convenience.

You can pay immediately after you RSVP from the confirmation screen. Click Pay online now:

This will take you to a PayPal screen, where you can pay via a credit/debit card or through your PayPal account:

If, for any reason you forget to pay or close the browser window, don't worry, you can come back to the event page and pay later (only for events where payment isn't required to RSVP. Just click Pay online now:

Updating your RSVP if your availability has changed

Updating your RSVP is critical to avoid no-show penalties and remain in good standing, and it's just polite and friendly to let us know if you can't make an event, so we know not to expect you.
Go to an event page, and depending on your status you will see one of the following. Click Change RSVP or Change your mind?:



Keeping Track of your RSVPs, adding events to your Calendar, and signing up for mobile alerts:
Since we have so many events, and waitlists are not uncommon, it can get a little hard to keep track of which events you're going to and which you're not (especially between morning and afternoon sessions).

If you'd like a monthly view of all our events, click Calendar under the Welcome message or the small Calendar icon on the left column under Past Meetups and above our Facebook link.

Also, from the main Meetup page for our group, you will be able to see your RSVP status next to the name of each Meetup:

We'd also recommend you add events to your calendar. You can do this from the RSVP confirmation page:

You can also make sure that all events are automatically added to your Calendar when you RSVP Yes, which is a REALLY useful feature:

Or you can export an event to your calendar from the event page itself:

You can also sign up for mobile alerts from the RSVP confirmation page. Click Turn reminders on:

You will need to enter your cellphone #, your carrier, and your Meetup password, and then an activation code will be sent to your phone via SMS:

Keeping Track of your No-Shows and Attendance:

You can view your No-Shows on your profile page. On the far right of the top menu bar, click My profile -> View profile:

Scroll down to Attendance Stats. No Shows will give your total # of no shows, while clicking on View Attendance History will give you details. Not all no-shows incur a penalty.

Editing your profile (including adding a link to your GoodReads page):

On the far right of the top menu bar, click My profile -> View profile:

Then click Edit profile under your screenname:

Your profile is a great way to introduce yourself to the group and tell us a little about your interests or what brought you to our group. You can also add a photo (we do ask that you please put some sort of image up, preferably a photo, but if you'd prefer not to, any distinctive graphic will do), and link to your social networks, and more. Don't forget to hit Save when you're ready.

If you're a member of GoodReads, an online site to manage your library, rate and review books, and keep track of what your friends are reading, you can add a link to your GoodReads page to your member profile:

Under Extras under Your Website, you can past a link to your page in the box for URL (it should look something like [your ID# here]) and under Website name enter "GoodReads Profile:

Using the Meetup iPhone App:
Meetup has a convenient iPhone app that lets you RSVP, comment, and see and upload photos, among other things. It has a few major limitations, though:
  • The event attendance counts are somewhat lagged, so they may not be accurate.
  • You cannot answer RSVP questions from the app. If you do respond to an event through the app, it's a good idea to go back later and check out the event page on the full site. This will let you read important details, and if the event page mentions RSVP questions, you can update you RSVP and answer them there, without jeopardizing your spot.
  • You cannot pay for events through the Meetup app. In some cases this may prevent you from RSVPing at all. You can still use the full site from the iPhone browser, it's just a little more cumbersome to navigate. So if you wish, you can RSVP for paid events that way.

Upcoming Events: You can see your status next to the meetup, the pause symbol means you're waitlisted.

Join the Waitlist: The RSVP screen for an event that still has open spots is similar. Be sure to include guests and we recommend adding it to your calendar.

The event page lets you add the event to your calendar, post and read comments, add and view photos, get directions, and read the full meetup description for details:

You can also choose which pop-up notifications you'd like on your iPhone:

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