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predictions on world situation for 2011

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What do you think will happen in 2011?
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oil $150+ barrel Gasoline $4.00+ gallon
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What do you think will happen in 2011?
Spot price of silver to near $50 FRNs
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What do you think will happen in 2011?
Internet freedom curtailed to stop "terrorists"
user 9042336
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This "net nuetrallity" thing scares the crap out of paves the way for the government to vastly expand it's control of how we get our information and what information is allowable.

Nationally, I forsee energy shortages or at least hiked up prices due to new climatic regulations imposed by the E.P.A. Also, crime will continue to climb due to persistant unemployment.

Internationally, I would keep a keen eye on the Korean penninsula, Cuba, the re-emergence of the Russian threat, and Israel/Iran.
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Here is my "rosy" outlook for 2011:
1) Current recession becomes a depression
2) Official unemployment to reach 12% - 15%(real unemployment 20% - 25%)
3) Home prices drop another 10% - 20%
4) Bank failures increase
5) Federal deficit continues to expand rapidly
6) More quantitative easing by FED(QE3 on the way)
7) Natural disasters increase(earthquakes, floods, etc)(solar influence)
8) Food stamp usage jumps to 60 million
9) Food prices double
10) Gasoline and heating oil jump to $6-$7/gallon
11) Price controls and subsequent shortages
12) Crime increases exponentially
13) City and state bankruptcies
14) Everything becomes a security risk(DHS and climate change threat)
15) Constitutional government falls to tyranny( Homeland Security and Fusion Centers)
16) Corruption increases in government
17) Death of the dollar as world reserve currency
18) False flag attack on US to divert attention from economic conditions
Kenvil, NJ
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I hate to admit this, but you all are deadly accurate!
user 9042336
North Palm Beach, FL
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that is quite the optimistic outlook, uncle bob...just out of curiousity, why do you predict that natural disasters will increase?

also, what statistical evidence are you looking at to predict that food and energy prices will double? for price controls and shortages? for the fall of the constitutional government? for home prices dropping while you're predicting inflation? false flag attacks? i'm not trying to be disresepectful, i'm just curious as to why you are predicting such a dire world condition all in the next 12 months.

relax everyone...!
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I follow:
1) Case-Shiller Housing Index(trending down)
2) commodity prices(oil, wheat, corn, sugar & cotton)(all trending up)
3) U3 & U6 BLS unemployment figures(U6 gives a better picture)
4) US Dollar Index(trending down)

QE2 & QE3 will force the value of the dollar down - prices of imports will skyrocket.
Increases in Futures Prices of food commodities will force price increase by companies.
Canned vegetables are now down to 14 ounce cans(hidden price increase).
Toilet paper width down to 4 inches from 4-1/2 inches(hidden price increase).
Russian fires cause halt to wheat exports.
Australian drought affects wheat exports.
Rice production down in Philippines.
Wet spring will affect US wheat harvest.
Seafood production affected by Gulf Oil Spill requiring higher priced imports.
Rising middle class in India & China will compete with US for food commodities.

When food prices spike the sheeple will complain to their bureaucratic government to do something,
They will respond with price controls. Check US history for 30s, 70s & 80s.(Nixon & Ford administrations).

As to government, go to an airport and get sexually assaulted by TSA without any remedy for the violation.
Support Ron Paul and get on a watch list-MIAC Report.
Pay higher premiums for health insurance because Obamacare was passed against the will of the people.
Patriot Act 1 & 2 - everybody considered a terrorist.
Check the posting on this forum about the NJ man jailed for legally possessing firearms.

False flag attacks. Government will lie to the people-check latest Wikileaks.
Global warming scam.
Unanswered questions about 911.
CIA black ops.
WMDs in Iraq.
I did not have have sex with that woman.
Read my lips, no new taxes.
Vietnam War-Gulf of Tonkin. .

Increased earth activity and climate change associated with solar minimums - NASA and climatological research

I made no mention of inflation(housing down is deflationary-you decide).

Even Glenn Beck sees the handwriting on the wall(or blackboard).

Smile. Be happy.
Its the end of the world as we know it - REM(the rock group)

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For what its worth, 2011-2012 are predicted to be a period of high solar activity whic may cause some issues for satellites in general and GPS. See NASA article here http://science.nasa.g...­ and article in The New Scientist here http://www.newscienti...­. That said, it won't be catastrophic. I haven't seen anything credible in the literature about other natural disasters being any more prevalent next year.

Housing prices could fall despite inflation due to the large "shadow inventory" of existing homes being held by banks rather than releasing them onto the market. Estimates of the "shadow inventory" range from a low of 2 million homes (see http://articles.latim...­ and http://www.marketwatc...­) to as many as 7 million (http://www.businessin...­.

Food and energy prices will increase based on growing demand from developing economies, but doubling I don't think is likely. I don't personally believe that our constitutional government will fall, though its badly encrusted with federal agency barnacles. Also not a believer in false flag attacks - not that they don't and haven't happened, just not on the scale many folks believe; that's just me though.

Retiring the dollar as the world's reserve currency is being called for by a number of parties, from China to the IMF (see article from last January here http://www.businesswe...­. Probably bad news for us but not the end of the world as we know it.

I'd be a lot more worried about the ballooning federal deficit / debt and unfunded issues with Medicare / Medicaid / Social Security. Between those and the federal debt. and the current budget issues in the states, Real Bad Things Could happen if the magic government spigot of social services money is shut off abruptly and folks with nothing have no way to feed / house / clothe themselves..
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