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I have struggled with this fear since the before the Snowden revelations. I am afraid to speak for fear of consequences like those mentioned by Antonio. Yet I am a practicing American patriot as we were taught in elementary school. The silliness of denying all forms of protest is that it invites alternative backlash.
Anyway I write here, with reasoned risk, because the alternative is to be a "good Nazi" and turn a blind eye to evil. Because our children will live here, we cannot be silent for our own sake.
I have recently printed bumper stickers that say "It's the Media Stupid" on the background of the Bill of Rights. I decided to speak out and not hide. Although it was meant to remind people about the founding father's emphasis on a free press (which is hard to find) it nowadays also includes the internet and our personal "printing presses." The stickers are available on or at
Bravo Jim for this thread - looking forward to more.
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Hello members of the Survive and Thrive Family!

Has anyone done any internet searches lately about survival topics, retreat locations, stocking up on food, guns and ammo, and/or bugging out? Has anyone had any phone conversations about the direction of the government or poor quality of leadership, or about putting together a group to ride out whatever is coming?

Google, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AOL, and most other search engines collect and store records of your search queries that can be traced back to you.

Furthermore, there's been a lot of concern in the press lately about Google's new Privacy Policy that is to go into effect March 1st. Google will combine users' personal information from services like Web Browsing History and YouTube viewing selections with all other Google products and will also store more extensive personal information on user profiles. One significant area is the tracking of your geographical location from your Android phone. They want to be able to remind you that you're late for a meeting based upon events in your Calendar and your location.

I'm sorry, but to us that just sounds a little too much like Big Brother or SkyNet. But Google is already self-aware… they want to gather more information on you in order to sell more ads. And speaking of Big Brother...

The US Government has been trying to hide its electronic/internet/e-mail/phone surveillance initiative as a state secret. As far back as 2009, the Obama Administration has claimed that the government cannot be held accountable for illegal surveillance under any federal statutes. This results in the warrantless wiretapping and internet monitoring of countless Americans, from which the government claims immunity from prosecution.

American Internet Users should not be subjected to such a massive and systematic surveillance and bugging.

Moreover, if you’ve watched the news or read any blogs lately you’ve probably heard about the passage of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Basically, this is a far-reaching law that among other things defines what can constitute a terrorist or terroristic acts. If you aren’t familiar with it, Google it (hee..hee). You should be aware of it! You may qualify!

Most of us are not aware of alternatives to guarding our privacy. Do any of you even care about keeping anyone from watching your Internet connection and learning what you search for, what sites you visit, and do you want to prevent the sites you visit from learning your physical location?

Also, by law, all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) monitor the Internet sites and services you connect to. And the servers you connect to are monitoring your connections to them and can pretty accurately tell your geographic location based upon your IP address.

Whatever you do on the Internet, wherever you go, you leave a footprint, a footprint that can be traced back to you.

The problem, as we see it, is that there needs to be a way to preserve Anonymity on the Internet.

We in the SnT Virtual Prepping Lab have done some research on this topic and have come up with a couple of solutions. We've come up with solutions that range from basically protecting your internet surfing to solutions that move your email provider to an internationally distributed provider, to solutions that enable you to carry on all of your online activity (FTP, Skype, web surfing, etc) anonymously.

Some of these solutions are free and Open Source, some are paid services. Some of them are more secure than others.

So now, the big question! Do you even care?

Does anyone think this is a topic that is worth pursuing?

If there is no interest, then we’ll just let it die a natural death and move on. But if, like some of us, you feel that this is something worth pursuing then please post your response! That’s how we’ll gauge if we’re onto something that could be a benefit to all of us. We’re asking our over 600 members to take the time to respond! Remember…Just cause you’re paranoid….

Thanks for your time,
The Virtual Prepping Lab Guys.

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I'd be interested!
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