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Dream-Catchers Group Dreamwork is a group process meant to aid a dreamer to experience more fully all the components of dreaming and to thus more convincingly to extrapolate personal meaning from the dream. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that a high level of trust, security, and integrity be given to the person sharing a dream.

The process is based upon the Montague-Ullman approach to the group dreamwork process. Dr. Montague-Ullman was the founder of the Dream Laboratory at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, and he actively worked with dream research for over thirty years.

The process is quite simple: A person shares a dream, preferably a recent one, and the members of the group share, in a game-like way, associations that they would make based on dream details. Other members question the one who has shared the dream in order to gain more details. The dreamer then answers these questions in order to bring out the emotional climate of the dream, in order to relive it, and then has the chance to share what he or she sees as the meaning behind the dream.

It is important to note that the dreamer has complete control over the process and may stop the process at any time. This can be an emotional experience for the person sharing, thus the need for the environment of trust and integrity.

Meetups will be planned in a way for group members to mingle and talk before the group process actually begins. As more members become comfortable with the process, they may choose to moderate the group in order to keep the flow of the process moving along steadily.

Dream-Catchers is a splendid way to understand the meaning of dreams more fully, from a variety of additional perspectives. Please join us!

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