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The Damaging Effects of Religion on Overpopulation

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How would "Good Global Health Care for senior citizens" be a "possible solution" to overpopulation?

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By removing one of the traditional incentives for people to have lots of kids (making sure at least one or two will survive childhood, grow up, and be economically successful enough to care for their aging parents).
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The standard cycle for civilization is a boom time followed by "the four horsemen". That is, a group figures out how to work together to be successful, everyone has huge families for as many generations as possible, they finally exceed their ability to feed themselves, whereupon they have war, famine, and massive death tolls.

The problem with control is that you can't control 'the others'. If your group cuts back it's growth rate, another group will continue growing and eventually overwhelm your group. Many of the wisemen that created religions recognized this 'opportunity' and encouraged their flocks to overbreed, knowing that eventually the flock would outnumber their enemies.

In the modern world, there are groups that have realized the problems of overpopulation and have trimmed their families. Obviously, this generally means that the intelligent and non-religious groups are staying small while the religious and least intelligent continue to procreate as fast as possible.

I suggest that it is the duty of everyone here to have as many children as possible...

BTW, if you don't know me, I really don't like to talk to people without a sense of humor.
Seriously, overpopulation can not be solved. I think I just saw a skeleton ride by on a red horse.
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In reply to Matt Howery post #31

Hi, Matt =)

Replying to your post (How would "Good Global Health Care for senior citizens" be a "possible solution" to overpopulation?)

My first two solutions address directly the issue of overpopulation, which is global environmental consciousness, and Global Growth rates control and balances. However, the third point "Good Global Health Care for senior citizens" address, the possible future outcome after implementing the first two points. Example given is the "aging Japan" phenomena.

Thanks for pointing it out Matt and hopes that clarified it =)
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