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Subject: Cows abused on dairy farm
They jabbed a cow with a screwdriver
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Dear Reyna,

Make a donation before our April 30 deadline and help fight cruelty to animals. PETA went undercover at a dairy farm in northern New York and found horrifying abuse:

One manager jabbed a fully conscious cow in the ribs with a screwdriver and called her a "dumb bitch" because she could not stand up.

Other cows in need of care were left to suffer without treatment for almost three months, their internal tissue exposed and covered with pus and manure.

I wish this cruelty were unique. It isn't. Cows on dairy farms live tortured lives before they are slaughtered and their bodies are turned into soup, dog and cat food, or low-grade hamburger meat.

Help PETA protect these gentle giants and other animals enduring miserable conditions in the food industry.

Cows aren't machines to be used and run into the ground. They are living, breathing, sentient creatures. They are wonderful, loving mothers who carry one calf at a time, for nine months, as humans do. Sweet and curious, they love to socialize, spend time together, and form complex relationships. Yet on dairy farms, young calves are snatched away from their mothers—many to be killed for veal—just hours after being born. The mother cows bellow frantically but in vain—their calves are not brought back to them.

Vegan choices spare cows this profound cruelty. That's why we promoted going vegan long before it was in vogue. Critics told us vegan diets weren't realistic. But we didn't listen and instead invested everything we could in publishing vegan recipes, shopping guides, and vegan starter kits. Finally, it's paying off. Everywhere you turn, vegan choices are becoming more commonplace—and that shift is saving animals' lives.

But we can't stop while cows still suffer. This year, we filed a lawsuit against the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to release public records related to a farm that we investigated last year at which a manager who was responsible for abuse and who failed to stop others' cruelty was left in charge. Surprisingly, the state had certified this farm under a program designed to ensure animal health and welfare. Our lawsuit isn't glitzy. But it's the only way to hold these factory farms accountable.

Filing lawsuits. Conducting undercover investigations. Reporting the truth. This is how we'll save these sensitive cows and other farmed animals. It's work that can be done only because of your support.

Save cows and other farmed animals from abuse and suffering—make a donation to PETA today.

Some people call PETA supporters extremists. But we believe it's extreme to abuse and kill gentle animals and call that acceptable. I hope we can count on you to support this vital work.

With kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk
  PETA PETA has set April 30th as our goal to raise as much money for animals on factory farms as possible. Donations received after April 30th will be directed wherever the need is greatest.

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