Some questions to consider for our 11 a.m. visit to the Rodney Lough Wilderness Photography Gallery today

From: Lee R.
Sent on: Saturday, February 16, 2013 8:24 AM


  • WHY do people create pictures and art in general?
  • What IS art?
  • Is photography art?
  • Which of the Lough Jr. photographs did you like best/worst ?


  • Compare the work of Rodney Lough Jr. & Ansel Adams?

e.g., B&W vs. color, somber vs. joyful

  • Is art “useful”?
  • What is “useful”?
  • Should art be “useful”?

Some COMMENTS from Members

From Adam:

With Instagram, Twitter and Facebook attached smartphones with decent cameras, it feels like everyone is an amateur photographer nowadays. So makes a photo art? Caliber of camera? Expertise of photographer? Subject matter?

From Joel:

All, or some, or no photography as a fine art form? I've wondered about that for a long time. Should be an interesting discussion. As Andy Warhol said "Art is anything you can get away with".

From Wonsun:

To me, Mr. Lough, through his understanding of composition, light and shadow, his mastery of the technical part of photography, and his years of experience, he was able to use photography to tell a story that reaches people in a way that many can't do. If we look at art as a form of expression that an artist creates to attempt at establishing a dialog with his prospect audience, then we can say that all images captured that can tell a story can be defined as a piece of art. However, the ones that can reach more people the way the artist intended to may be more successful than those that can't.

Lee Robbins, Event Organizer

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