Re: [9-11-279] New Event: Double Feature: The Immigration Invasion & Trespassing

From: Dane
Sent on: Wednesday, May 30, 2007 2:59 PM
I agree with Dana and share her concern for the aggressive and violent la 
raza Mexicans invading OUR state with the help of corporations and 
government leaders.  Calling people ignorant and racist is a cop-out.  It's 
the same exact trick the Jews use repeatedly by calling people 
"anti-semetic" whenever their system of control and propaganda gets shaken 
by the truth.

The whole "white supremacy movement" is propaganda put out by the elite.  
There are no REAL white supremacists aside from some back country bumpkins 
and people in prison who have to defend themselves from other violent 


>From: "Mark E. Smith" <[address removed]>
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>Subject: Re: [9-11-279] New Event: Double Feature: The Immigration Invasion 
>& Trespassing Allow
>Date: Wed, 30 May[masked]:29:38 -0400 (EDT)
>So you think that immigration has something to do with 9/11 truth, Dana? 
>know that immigrants didn't do it, but you think that by understanding why
>the government is outsourcing your jobs and letting in immigrants, you'll
>find some key to 9/11 truth?
>Immigrants who work in the fields, slaughterhouses, meat packing plants, or
>as dishwashers, don't get health care, bank accounts, housing, and jobs. If
>they didn't they wouldn't come here because U.S. citizens would have taken
>all those jobs.
>Google "ICE raids" if you don't think immigrants are being deported. I 
>believe that somebody is pretending not to know about this.
>As for our invading and annexing Mexico, you can't rewrite history. We did
>and that's a fact.
>And when this was Mexico, settlers got a better deal here than they did in
>the rest of the U.S.
>I don't know how you fell for Minutemen/Rush Limbaugh propaganda, but your
>ignorance isn't my problem. When somebody tries to insert that crap into a
>9/11 truth group that I happen to belong to, then it becomes my problem.
>Sure, not all immigrants have the house with picket fence American dream.
>They're sleeping in the fields because they can't afford rent on what
>they're paid, IF they're paid (often they're just threatened with
>deportation and not paid at all), and you want them to look clean and 
>How would you look after a few days working in the fields or a
>slaughterhouse without proper housing so you could clean up?
>Paul, let me explain to you why our government appears to be pushing
>immigrantion. You do know why they outsource jobs, right? For business, the
>bottom line is the bottom line, so lower wages mean more profits. Watch the
>documentary "The Corporation" if you don't understand this. Now try to
>understand that if lower wages are better for business, no wages at all, or
>slave labor, is best. That's why Henry Ford and Prescott Bush supported
>Hitler. That's why many Americans supported slavery. That's why Bush had
>Bechtel and Halliburton build detention camps all over the U.S., and that's
>why they are running these Gestapo raids on places where there is a lot of
>undocumented labor. But don't think for a minute that once they put the
>immigrants in camps or deport them, you can get those minimum wage
>backbreaking jobs in the fields or in slaughterhouses. You'd want minimum
>wage whereas they can use prison labor, particularly from our privatized
>prisons for less than they'd have to pay somebody in China or India.
>And when it comes your turn to be rounded up for slave labor, don't say I
>didn't try to warn you. Google Pastor Niehmoller--people as ignorant and
>racist as you existed in Nazi Germany too.
>If the White Supremacy movement succeeds in hijacking the 9/11 truth
>movement, you'll find out too late that you weren't fighting fascism, you
>were promoting it.
>On 5/30/07, Dana <[address removed]> wrote:To Mark and others,
>I am not currently living in San Diego, but have been considering it as a
>mini vacation.  However I feel Mark you are not seeing the whole picture.
>The global government is what is enabling these illegals to come here in
>the first place.  I have not met any of you in this group, but I think this
>group is aware of that.  Companies give them health care, bank accounts,
>housing, and jobs without ever showing any form of ID. Now if you are a
>legal citizen of this country try doing that. You will be denied on the 
>and probably laughed at.
>You have very good points, but you aren't making the connection. The 
>government already has the laws in place to deport Illegals, but that is 
>being done because of a global government plan and the North American 
>I agree that a fence, at this time, would only be to keep us in.  The way
>you get the illegals out of here is cut off their source of goods and 
>which would be fining any company that hires them without checking papers.
>This includes the middle class American that owns a landscaping business.
>That in itself would scare companies and then illegals would go packing.  I
>know there are some great Hispanics trying to make a living here and those
>people I am not as concerned with (however they should go through the same
>bureaucracy we do as citizens).  The type I am concerned with are those 
>wrap themselves in the Mexican flag saying that California, Texas, and
>Arizona are now Mexico (la raza).  They are the ones that want to kill us
>and turn the southern part of the US into another Mexico. Mark have you 
>heard of "The Plan of San
>The problem is the mainstream media only shows the good working
>with 2 kids, well-dressed, in a nice little house.  What they don't want to
>show you is what it is really like. If they are so proud of Mexico then why
>are they coming here in the first place? Our government should put pressure
>on Mexico to get their country in order.  We cannot support 20+ million
>illegals, but I think nationally the numbers are more along the lines of 30
>I am glad that some others felt the need to reply because I thought I was
>alone. =D
>On 5/30/07, Paul Cofrancesco <[address removed]> wrote:
>>  Dana,
>>Those were good points.  I think issues like immigration get confusing
>>because there so many aspects to them.  Many of the concerns for and 
>>immigration are valid, but the real question in mind is why is our
>>government pushing it so much.  I think the immigration debate is packed
>>with propanganda both pro and con and the part that is most easily lost is
>>why is our governent pusing it - especially in light of 911 and the 
>>war on terror.
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>>To Mark and others,
>>I am glad that some others felt the need to reply because I thought I was
>>alone. =D
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