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Ideas for outreach and publicity?

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New York, NY
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In the thread Special third-Thursday meeting in November -- suggestions for topic or focus, Drew wrote:

As a suggestion you may want to include an “agenda” item about how to attract members to the Church of Azazel.

Or how to attract more members to the more general Satanist/LHP group. Remember, this is the message board of the general Satanist/LHP group, not the Church of Azazel proto-congregation.

I can’t believe that in the New Your Metro area that there are no “salwarts” that would be dependable assistants to you. I am sure the are and are looking for an invitation to join a active vibrant Satanist group.

The problem is how to let them know we exist.

A big problem is that I am not personally involved in any of the subcultures that tend to have more Satanists per capita than the general population, e.g. goth, metal, and horror fandom.

Perhaps some of our newer members can help spread the word within those subcultures, if any of them are in a position to do so?

If not, then it seems to me that our only other alternative is to reach out to the mass media. To that end, we need to find a way to do an end-run around the Church of Satan's near-monopoly on media coverage. The Church of Satan has a longstanding policy of doing everything they possibly can to convince people in the media that CoS officials are the world's sole legitimate spokespeople for "Satanism." And they have a lot of experience at twisting people's arms into recognizing them as the world's sole legitimate spokespeople for "Satanism" -- especially here in the New York area, which is now their home turf. To overcome this, we will need to do something newsworthy. And we will need to do something that's not only newsworthy but which also doesn't depend on us having lots of active members, which we don't yet have.

As for online outreach, we're already number one on Google for the search strings "Satanism New York" and "Satanist New York." If anyone here wants to link to us on their Facebook account or on their Myspace account, that would be helpful and very much appreciated, but would probably help us only a little bit.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for outreach or publicity?
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Hmmmm I am a bit familiar with the goth scene in NY. two good sittes are orr Maybe give me some theistic satanist flyers and i can pass them out at any events that i go to? Vamp freaks also has a store in lower east side they are pretty friendly if you want to get a glimpse of the goth scene
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New York, NY
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Thanks for the offer to pass out flyers.

The "Vampire Freaks" store in Manhattan allows flyers only for music events. They won't allow flyers even for New Yorkers Against Religion-Based Bigotry, let alone this group.
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