From: andy
Sent on: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 7:58 AM

Hi all, a couple quick things.

First, I had to remove an otherwise awesome event from the schedule.  The Murder Mystery Dinner can still be RSVP'd to and attended by clicking on Peter's name and going to one of the groups he cross-posted his event to, but we had to remove it from here because, frankly, Peter wasn't responding to his email over it.  There are both safety and spamming issues involved.

Soooo... any member can post events here, but, if one of the SPRG Organizers sends you an email (me, Val, Beau or Mike), you HAVE to respond, or we have to remove the event.  It's a stupid reason to have a great event removed, but there it is.

Second, I highly recommend that SPRG members also join the Consciousness Studies meetup.

We used to cross-post most of the Center's events, but the amount of email that generated started to become oppressive when only a handful of the Center's events really applied to those interested in the Paranormal (instead of Spiritual growth), so we stopped doing that.  Unfortunately, we SPRGers can sometimes miss out on some very cool stuff.  For instance, the Center got a hypnotist to come in to train people to reach higher levels of consciousness any time, at will... but the event sold out before we ever had a chance to post it here.

Seriously... join Consciousness Studies too, and if the volume of email generated from that gets too bad just edit your preferences on that meetup so you don't get the email notices.  A LOT of the events we hold there are amazing!

And, speaking of which... TABLE TIPPING!!!

I cannot possibly say enough about it - I personally watched these two at work last year and was so utterly blown away that I have been trying to get these two ladies to come to New Hampshire for a demonstration ever since!  CHECK IT OUT!!!



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