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Learning from Each Other - What Knowledge do YOU have?

Jirius I.
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Group Organizer
Kenmore, WA
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Moondrop, Welcome to the group. Sound like you are on your way to self sufficiency. If youneed any advice or help with your garden stuff, just let me know. 206-841-9976
A former member
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I have experience with:
Cloth diapering (and sensitive skin/skin issues and allergies)
Sewing (clothing, quilts, household linens)
Some livestock (pigs, cows, chickens)

I'm interested in:
Gardening for food
Other landscaping type things (rain barrels, compost)
Knitting, darning, crochet and related things
Michelle R.
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Marysville, WA
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Hello everyone, I'm Michelle, I live in Marysville and work in downtown Seattle so 20 hours a week are spent commuting. It's worth it to come home to my little farm and trees and peace and quiet!

I feel like I can offer tips on a few things and hope to learn and grow in all things that you each have to offer! Around my place I have veggie and ornamental garden beds, horses, chickens and a HUGE compost pile out in the woods. I have a five year old who wore only cloth diapers as a baby with the single exception being the swim diapers for her infant swimming classes at the Y.

I have a lot of information in my head about ways to do things and will investigate/analyze a new hobby to death, but in practice I'm pretty laid back and take a somewhat balanced combination approach to stuff. For example, I prefer organic, but sometimes we are going to eat at McDonalds. I have a compost pile but I do not stir it or take its temperature, ever. I mow my lawn and maintain my property with a huge riding mower not a push cutter. I heat the house with a wood stove and often cook on it, except during the workweek when I use the electric furnace. My chickens eat natural feed and free range all day, and today they had a bright pink Dora the Explorer Go-Gurt for breakfast. I buy local produce in late summer and can fruit, applesauce, tomatoes, etc... and sometimes my daughter gets spagetti-o's for dinner. I keep live sourdough cultures and bake about half of the bread we eat, but I bake it in a bread machine 9 times out of 10.

So, there's a little about me :) Hope to get to know you very soon!

Maple Valley, WA
Post #: 241
hi new here i make wine about 20 years now mostly mead and folk wines. im also a chef.
A former member
Post #: 2
My wife and I have the usual variety of kitchen hobbies and are active gardeners.

I have made biodiesel and still brew beer and make wine, although I could use a short course in wine making this fall if someone is teaching it. Mine is hit or miss and that is a heart breaker when a year's work is found lacking in the end.
I am a novice to hunting and fishing but do both once a year recently. Could use more skills and knowledge with either. I would be interested to learn reloading ammo.
Have made soft cheese but want to learn hard cheeses. I am taking a class on that in May.
I would like to meet with someone who raises fish for food especially if they mix it with vegetable growing, greenhouse style maybe.
I am a very novice mushroom hunter but only trust myself with chanterelles. Would like a mushroom meetup if someone knows a good area and has knowledge.
If someone has a small orchard that goes partially unused it would be fun to rent a press and make cider or plum wine.
I would like to learn to build a better still. For ornamental and historical purposes. I would host this class if someone can teach it.
I would like to learn about alternative building- earth, straw, log homes. I could possibly host the class if someone can teach it. I would also like to build a tree house and/or a hobbit home.
If another beekeeping meetup happens I will try to attend.
Also hoping to learn more about foraging and gathering shellfish.

Things I feel I could give advice on:
gardening related topics
landscape ideas
meat smoking and dehydrating
off the grid living discussion
owning/ managing a recreational property

I'll probably see some of you around.
Alison W.
user 45841742
Everett, WA
Post #: 1
I am new to this group. I have moderate knowledge of gardening, constructing raised beds, pruning, and animal husbandry growing up in farming community and being certified veterinary assistant. I do my own baby foods, breads and canned veggie and jams. I make some great smoked meats. My husband and I crab every year from our 27 foot boat in the San Juan's. We try to eat mostly organic 90 percent of the time.

I want to learn more on raising chickens, and wild edible picking and salmon fishing. I want to learn other power off the grid sustainable ideas and concepts.
A former member
Post #: 1
I am living on a tiny farm. I'm a lifelong gardener. My sister and I are starting a raw goat dairy. We also have 6 pregnant sheep, sheep for sale, pigs, 30-40 chickens, 5 geese, 8 turkeys, quail etc.
I love gardening and collecting unusual seeds to plant. I also like trading plants ( how about a spring plant swap?)
One of my interests is in building a type of solar heat collector I've seen on pinterest. It uses black tin cans in a wood frame. I'd be willing to host a solar building day after the weather gets warmer.
I'm also very interested in a trading network. Swaps are good for the environment.
My location is south Port Orchard.
One evening a week, I'm hosting a computer programming group for teens to learn.
Other than that, I knit well, sew better, and enjoy writing.
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