Cross Promotion of Events

From: Michael
Sent on: Monday, August 15, 2011 9:50 PM

As a note, Aaron Evans, who pioneered the STSW asked me to step up as organizer from assistant organizer, but I thought we should poll the group and see if anyone else was interested, and also to see if anyone would like to volunteer as assistant organizer. Both positions don't require anything odious as far as responsibilities, so e-mail me direct if you are interested. At the end of the week, if I don't hear anything different, I will replace Aaron as organizer.

On another topic:

The whole point of is to facilitate networking, business, social, personal, educational, etc. And especially many of the technology related Meetups frequently cross promote closely related events. And (IMHO) this is great, but several of my Meetup email have somewhat became more of less event spam feeds.

Apparently has implemented some sort of 'Automeeting' feature that basically schedules an official Seattle Tech Speakers Meeting if three (four?) members 'agree' to attend another outside event. The old suggest a meeting feature entailed some discussion, etc. and the involvement of the organizers.

However, this new mechanism makes me somewhat uncomfortable, because essentially our group can become essentially a  zombie for promoting other events, unless we move to restricting the membership list, which I am even more uncomfortable with, since some of the greatest stuff is the drop-in at the last minute impromptu speakers.

An example of this is the "Starting Up Startup Weekend with CEO & founder, Marc Nager" which was posted and agreed to by individuals which had never attended one of our meetings ( so as to have some direct experience with the people and spirit of the group) before making the recommendation. This is also a pay for attendance event.

If this was something more in alignment with the STSW 'mission' of speaking ( or writing ), or any sort of no cost personal skills development, or if it had been submitted by one of our actual physical attendees, or maybe kicked off in the forum first, I'd be okay with it. But for now, since all my calendars, email feeds, etc. are interlinked, as I am sure some of yours are, and other issues such as future confusion of our meeting location, and diluting the value of our real meeting announcements, I am going to remove this from the STSW calendar.

At least until I hear back from the folks who suggested it, an the rest of the membership.'s goal is to promote face to face contact, and this auto-schedule seems counter to that spirit.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Michael Patrick

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