State of the Pony - September 1, 2011

From: Bejoty
Sent on: Thursday, September 1, 2011 1:48 AM

Hey all you pony fans!


Wow.. I really didn't expect to have put this off for so long. I've been meaning to give you all the latest news from the front lines, but thanks to my crazy busy schedule this summer, it was just delayed more and more. Now that I have a scholarship essay in front of me to procrastinate on, let the update begin!


A long overdue note from Bronyfest, we have an official album for all the pictures taken over the amazing weekend down in Oregon! If you head over to Photobucket, this account will have a place to dump all the sweet pics between the two meetup groups in attendance. Thanks to the amazing Nathan Shepard for setting it up!

Username: PDXBronies | Password: friendship


For all you UW bronies out there, I have a super special secret meetup for you! Okay, that's a bit misleading, but there will be a few campus events this year involving ponies, the first of which is this Saturday. If you are a UW student, please email me so I can contact you individually when information arises. I hate excluding anyone from events, so I'll limit notices for this in the future.


Let's see.. no, it's a bit late for that PAX announcement.. Ah yes! I wanted to give a shout-out to our awesome sister group over at Bronies-NYC. Our flagship meetup group has done an unbelievable amount to bolster the east coast fan-base and grow the community as a whole. This is why I thought it would be a fantastic idea to send them a crazy awesome gift to show our thanks! We meetup groups gotta stick together you know~ I will be traveling that way for September's BroNYCon, so ideally this would be the deadline for putting together some physical gift of epic proportions (Sep. 23). I'll have to remember to make a discussion thread about it tomorrow.


Finally, a few bits of metanews -- The meetup site has this nifty little mailing list that I completely forgot about up until about a week ago. I went ahead and enabled it, but if you don't want this extra potential spam even before it happens (you guys can behave yourselves though), you SHOULD be able to opt out of the list without affecting your other contact settings. Worst case, I'll just disable it later. I don't even know if you all will use it.

Anyways, just shoot an email off to this address to contact the whole meetup group!

[address removed]

We are so close to 100 members!! I know some of you have brony friends that haven't registered, so get them on it! It's free! Not only can you get immediate news of any brony events going on locally, but it helps community admin get a feel for what parts of the country are most publicly active. Let's get Seattle to the top! Perhaps there will be some crazy party when we reach the milestone~


That's all for now. It's already far too late for me, and I tend to ramble a bit in emails when I'm tired. I do hope you all gave it a read though; these updates aren't very frequent for their importance of information. If you made it this far, have a treat!


Until next time, my bronies~



As a side note, I already composed this email once. Somehow, a freak backspace accident signaled to the browser window instead of the text box, and all was lost upon return. Apologies if this draft sounds rushed and dry. The first one had much more genuine humor in it. Learn from my mistakes: compose in a text editor! Or CTRL-C the crap out of your messages.

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