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- Do you bring a camera with you to dinner?
- Have you ever cooked a dish just to take a photo of it?
- Do you often eat your dinner cold, after it's been sufficiently documented?
- Do you walk out of Barnes & Noble with a stack of European and Australian food magazines so big you can barely carry it?
- Do you have more dishes in your prop box than in your matching dinnerware?
- Or, do you just really LOVE the aesthetic of food?

If so, this may be a group for you.

This group was initially created by Lara Ferroni, food blogger, photographer and food stylist. It's currently organized by Jason Truesdell, a blogger with food, pottery and travel obsessions.

This group is an opportunity to explore, not a rigid, structured program of study. Accordingly, most events are essentially ad hoc, without a grand agenda. I'm now a parent of an infant, and I'm not able to offer as much of my time and energy as I have in the past, so I'm asking members to take the lead in planning and hosting events while I try to recover from being a new parent. Odds are, I'll be back to normal sometime in the next 18-22 years.

Have an idea? Great. Post it to the "Ideas" section, preferably with a date, time, and location in mind. Odds are, you'll become the organizer for that event, so please let me know if you have any special requirements.

Know everything there is to know about something useful for a food stylist or photographer? Excellent. I'd love for you to organize a workshop. If necessary, you may ask for a reasonable per-person fee to defer your expenses.

Why are some events free, and some have fees?
For many events, resources, materials or expertise are not free. If the event host doesn't mind bearing the cost, they may offer the event without charge. But ingredients, props and space are not free of cost, and some events may carry a cost to cover those expenses.

Why, then, is there a suggested annual donation, as well? charges the group organizer an annual fee, and Jason occasionally has other expenses related to managing the group. If a majority of members actually contributed this fee, we'd find a way to distribute any surplus to the event hosts, but so far, only a small number of members have contributed this in the few years that the group has been in existence, and actual costs to the organizer have far outpaced donations. You are under no obligation to contribute this amount if it's out of your financial reach, but it is appreciated and it does make it easier to continue the group.

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