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Shodaigyo Meditation
"purify and Change a life"

1. Harmony of Body and Mind.
Body and mind integrate creating harmony, wherein the core of one’s life force becomes more empowered.

2. Human and Heavenly Realms Become One.
The life of the individual and the vast life of the universe integrate to become one predominate life force.

3. Sympathetic Actions of the Protective Deities and The Buddha.
Receiving protection from the protective deities and the Buddha if one’s faith is pristine and pure.

4. Good Health and Happiness.
Protection from the sufferings of illness and misfortune. Having a long life of good health.

5. Predominant, Active Intelligence.
Becoming a person of wisdom and fairness, with applied knowledge and excellent skill sets.

6. Improvement of One’s Character.
Establishing a loving nature of virtue, with enriched aesthetic sensitivities, which is imbued with joy and vigor.

7. Stability of One’s Personal Livelihood.
Improvement of one’s finances, a joyful family life, and positive societal relationships.

8. Endurance of One’s Achievements.
The achievements and notoriety of one’s efforts for peace and well-being will be enduring.

9. The Correct Mind at the Final Moment of One’s Life.
At the final moment of life, one departs with a joyful countenance free from pain, suffering, and life’s regrets.

10. Becoming a Buddha.
One engages in the direct path to Buddhahood for the eternal future and achieves the perfect manifestation of Buddhahood for one’s self and others.

The Odaimoku we chant, take faith in, and practice in accordance with the teachings of Nichiren is the true heart and compassion of the Buddha’s salvation. This actualization of Myoho-Renge-Kyo means to chant the Odaimoku with both the mind and the body as one.

So as all who live in this world would be able to walk the correct path shown to us by the Buddha, as well as to realize this world (in actuality) is a happy and peaceful place, Nichiren devoted his entire life to the propagation of the Lotus Sutra and to the Odaimoku. He strove for every one of us to walk this correct path shown to us by the Buddha who lived in this very world. It is therefore imperative to follow Nichiren’s guidance as a way of life to both cast the mind in a straightforward direction towards the Odaimoku and to also deepen our faith on a daily basis.

Buddhism established the practice of the Six Paramitas for the Bodhisattva in search of truth. The divisional practice of the Six Paramitas is the following:

“Generosity” is to protect and to impart others beneficially.
“Precept” is to correctly perform deeds befitting a human being.
“Patience” is to endure both painful difficulties and criticisms.
“Effort” is to act in correctness.
“Meditation” is to maintain quietude of mind.
“Wisdom” is to perceive things as they truly are.

This divisional Bodhisattva practice of the Six Paramitas is completely contained within the practice of chanting the Odaimoku. This being so, although not practicing each individual paramita with active cognition and direction, those who do chant the Odaimoku and follow the correct teachings of Nichiren are naturally imbued with the paramitas just as a fountain naturally fills its basin with water.

It is, nonetheless, not easy for the practitioner to maintain a seriousness of heart for the most assiduous practice of chanting the Odaimoku. This being so, a variety of earlier methodologies for the practitioner have been taken into consideration for quite some time. The current form of Shodaigyo was developed from a foundation of those earlier methodologies. Today, this evolved form of Shodaigyo is practiced in Nichiren temples throughout the country of Japan [and now around the world]. Archbishop Nichijun Yukawa, my Sensei (mentor) and the founder of Gudo Dougan-Kai (The Association of the Same Wish for Those Seeking the Way), was the developer of this modern form of Shodaigyo. He propagated this current Shodaigyo form throughout Japan [until he was 93 years old].

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