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John T.
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Tucson, AZ
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I have mentioned my brief encounters with IONS here in Tucson a few times at Skeptics or Atheists meetings and, now that there have been a couple of references in other threads, I thought I might expand on my views.

As far as I know (I am not a member of IONS or a member of any of the local SIGs), in addition to the national organization (­ you can also check out the Wikipedia listing but it is not too balanced), there are local community groups in various cities. The one in Tucson has been around for a few years and was started by David and Susan Cooper (old and dear friends whose full range of belief have only become clear when we became reacquainted after many years of separation) (see­).

David and Susan had experience with IONS for years and when they found they could not meet spiritually (yes, spiritually) like-minded people in Tucson through existing organizations, decided to form the local group. You will see from their web site that they have monthly meetings with guest speakers. There are also a number of SIGs that meet regularly (including a book group - I think the Skeptics might derive benefit from such a group as well).

I suggest that you explore the web sites in detail to get a better idea of the views of members and adherents but my take is that there is a strong belief in AM, energy fields, UFOs, alien abduction, OBE, discarnant communication (I have learned new words!), EVP, ESP, and on and on. Many of the regular 1st Friday meeting speakers are legitimate academics (you would be surprised at how many are affiliated with the U of A in case you are not already aware of this) and have a claim to be "real" scientists.

Many of the conversations (arguments?) I have had with members of this group have actually involved what constitutes a proper experiment and how to do proper statistical analysis of results. It should not be too surprising to learn IONS has some different perspectives than other domains of scientific research.

Nevertheless, I am indebted to these interactions and will continue to pursue them since they have fueled my reading agenda for the last four years (since I moved to Tucson). I don't think I would have been as motivated to learn more about evolution, quantum physics, consciousness, logic and fallacies, neuroscience, behavioral economics, biology and medicine (the list seems endless!) if I had not been exposed to these believers and their views.

Skeptics are generally viewed as "too negative" and even as disruptive of the "energy fields" so I will often go in mufti to avoid overt ridicule (I am just having fun with words here wink). I do recommend that you check IONS out and explore some of the offerings. It will help you maintain some perspective and, if you really have an open mind, provide some humility at times. Besides, it's fun!
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I went to the IONS meeting last night at TMC with Dr. Naiman as speaker on insomnia and dreams and I just have one question. Is this guy married? I want him. He's brilliant.
John T.
user 5081321
Tucson, AZ
Post #: 6
I wish you hadn't said that! I had planned to attend that meeting but had a conflict. This guy seemed like he would have something interesting to say, even for us guys.
A former member
Post #: 33
Just because he's handsome, intelligent and possibly rich and divorced doesn't mean you can't like him too. I just find him extremely lovable.
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