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Artworks explodes into Hollywood Fringe 2012

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Need weekend plans? A Father’s Day gift? Something to fill your evening for the next two weeks? Come on over!

Yesterday marked the official opening of the Hollywood Fringe’s 11-day run, and Artworks Theatre on Santa Monica Boulevard is newly decked out in lights, banners, and crowds clustering to see what’s on offer.

There are 19 shows performing here over the next week, with 8 specially invited by managing artists Art Via Corpora (AVC). Art Via Corpora is for the first time offering ‘citizenships’, complete with a travel guide to the world of AVC-invited shows, for a lucky few who will get free drinks and special gifts for seeing multiple shows. Ask about passports at the box office.

Opening tonight: Button Wagon from New Orleans and Speed Merchant (of Venice). Button Wagon is a duo from New Orleans who interact using mime, illusion, and contortion in a world of oversized sewing implements. Ms. Petrakova says, “We’ve never met in person, but the connection is that of aesthetic and attitude. They have a sense of whimsy, play and child-like innocence." Action! Theatre Company, who are presenting Speed Merchant (of Venice) have a special history with Artworks—their first show premiered in the theatre in 2008, the founding members came back to the space for their wedding ceremony! Ms. Petrakova describes them as a “theatrical tsunami”, and this time around they are riding a tide of Shakespeare, laced with themes of corporate gangsterism and reality TV while condensed to a crisp 90 minutes.

Also invited by AVC and opening this week is The Collector, from Sushi Performance Space in San Diego, where Ms. Petrakova's company toured in 2010. The play tells the tale of a debt collector using puppetry and multimedia. “Animating objects is one of AVC’s passions,” Ms. Petrakova explains, so The Collector was a natural fit.

This coming Monday may also be your last chance for months to see critically acclaimed cult hit Red Bastard with Eric Davis, who may also be seen in Cirque du Soleil’s Iris. The New York Times calls Red Bastard “Very Very Funny”, and Culturebot calls him “visceral, harrowing and hilarious.” Mr. Davis promises: “Red Bastard is not clown. He is not here to please you. He has come to make you surrender.”

But wait, there’s more! Urban Myths, Suburban Sluts promises a slam poetry theatre explosion in the form of “a gonzo Sunday school for the credit infected, brain damaged cell phone Me age.” O!Edipus by Junglee Productions is about three prisoners of war (who are clowns, naturally) in a camp in World War II who are forced, on pain of death, to improvise Oedipus Rex. Without a copy of the text or a common world-view, madness inevitably ensues!

From closer to home come Eggshell and The God Particle Complex, both created by artists-in-residence and fellows at AVC. In the quirky comedy Eggshell, three friends must sacrifice everything to save the giant eggshell that holds them together. Don't worry if your Shakespeare’s not up to chops—the whole play is presented in what director Søren Olsen calls “the Official Universal Language of Gibberish”. The God Particle Complex is a ‘tragic science farce’, promising laughs and maybe even a fact or two in the midst of mayhem. “Director Debbie McMahon is known for her experiments in dichotomies,” says Ms. Petrakova, “I’m excited to see her collision of science and humor.”

If this all weren’t mad enough, AVC will also a be host to ‘Theatrical Explosions’ on the fringes of the Fringe, single-day experiments and street theatre that play with audiences hanging around before and after shows. So what are you waiting for? Come become a ‘citizen’ of AVC at Artworks, see the shows we’re raving about, drink, make friends, and enjoy your Fringe with AVC!

Artworks Theatre is located at 6567 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90038
Tickets at http://www.hollywoodf...­

Button Wagon delights June 15, 17, 20 & 22 at 10pm, June 16 & 23 at 4pm, and June 19 at 8pm.

The Collector astounds June 21 at 10.30pm and June 22 & 23 at 8pm.

Eggshell boils June 16, 18, 21 & 23 at 10pm.

The God Particle Complex collides June 18 at 8pm, June 16 at 10pm, and June 17 at 6.30pm.

Red Bastard shocks June 18 at 8pm.

Urban Myths, Suburban Sluts assaults June 16 at 8pm, June 20 at 10.15pm, and June 23 at 10pm.

Speed Merchant (of Venice) vrooms June 17 & 22 at 8pm, and June 16, 23 & 24 at 2pm

O!edipus clowns June 20 at 8pm, and June 19 at 10pm.

About Art Via Corpora

“This is not purely about aesthetics or 'friends'”, explains co-founder Bryan Brown, “but about being a cohort of provocateurs provoking each other”. Co-founder Olya Petrakova chips in, “AVC’s aim is to serve as the spectacles for the audience. We chose these eight artists because they will create unique lenses for the frame of the Hollywood Fringe that will tempt the audience to view the world in a new or different way. ”AVC functions under a vision of creating performances that shift perspectives on reality by deploying the unexpected. Each work carries five essential elements: guts, heart, energy, intelligence and humility.
Art Via Corpora is a self-sustaining fellowship of like-minded artists-authors housed within Artworks Theatre and Studios. Our vision is to create performances that shift perspectives on reality through deployment of the unexpected.

We are rooted in tradition and driven by innovation. Rich theatrical styles such as clown, bouffon, absurd, punk, grotesque, cabaret, farce, vaudeville, carnivalesque, and commedia dell'arte are the paints we mix and experiment with. We seek new forms and styles without losing the most vital connection - that with the audience.

The fellowship consists of Olya Petrakova, Bryan Brown, Debbie McMahon, Søren Olsen and a number of other affiliated artists.
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