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April 29, 2012

Your answers will be visible to everyone. This is like a resume to tell the other members what you are looking for. This is NOT a "swingers" group so please reflect this in your answer. What does the word polyamory mean to you?

Polyamory is setting aside the notions of possessiveness and exclusivity that normally come along with an advanced romantic relationship. It opens up the possibility of additional romantic or sexual relationships without the need to end your current ones, or worse undermine them with secrecy and deception. It promotes improved communication between partners and personal introspection of the feelings of everyone involved and the health of the relationship, both of which are beneficial in any relationship.

Why did you join the polyamory meetup group?

Mostly I'm looking to find people that have experience and advice on this kind of lifestyle. It would be nice to be able to form some new friendships with people that hold similar views. I was introduced to the idea of polyamory years ago and agreed with it, and that agreement has only grown stronger. Fortunately my wife feels the same way, but while we've been open to the idea we haven't actively practiced it since early in our relationship, and we've never really had the benefit of being around other people in polyamorous relationships.

Are you currently involved in a poly relationship? How many individuals in your "tribe"?

Yes. Just us two in the "tribe", but there are additional associated relationships.

Do you have any children? What are their ages? (helps in planning activities)

No children.

What would your ideal poly relationship look like?

An ideal poly relationship looks a lot like an ideal monogamous relationship. Your partner is there to support you, encourage you, comfort you , and bring you joy, and you are there to do the same for them. Honesty, communication, passion and compassion. Where a poly relationship differs is in realizing that your partner can experience other relationships without in any way lessening or invalidating the one they have with you. So the ideal poly relationship does all of those things while also setting aside the limitations of jealousy and insecurity. It doesn't mean that those emotions do not exist, only that they are handled properly.


I am a 33 year old IT worker with literary aspirations. I've been married for four years to a wonderful woman that I've known since high school and was lucky enough to rediscover.

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