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February Book Club Discussion Topics.

James M.
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Hello again. I must say, this was a harder book for me to read. I am very much looking forward to getting everyone's take on this very dynamic and different style of fantasy fiction.

So, here we go with some of the discussion topics for Sunday:

1) British Humor... Nuff said.

No really, this book took me back to my Monty Python days. I'd like to get everyone's input on their favorite British humorists, movies, TV shows, etc... Does British humor always translate for us? Some of the jokes in this book I got, but I am sure I missed half of them because I didn't know what they were talking about and I didn't have time to pull up various references on my computer.

2) Political Satire. Wow... I am not sure if Pratchett really likes the Monarchy or really hates it. This topic may take having read the book, because I'd like to see if everyone appreciated the historical references as much as I did. Was this book a take on the Cromwell uprising and restoration of the Monarchy? Or am I reading way too much into it? What do you all feel Pratchett was getting at with this story? Was he attacking the fringes of society or going right for the heart?

3) Fantasy purists??? This book mentions pizza delivery at the same time it mentions a gathering of a secret society of wannabe wizards. I can honestly say I never imagined those two things ever being combined. Do people like their fantasy with modern day references or do people prefer to have their wizards and warlocks set in a perfect exclusive imaginary medieval world?

4) Who had it right? Carrot (Strict adherence to the law)? Captain Vimes and Lord Vetinari (Loose adherence to the law, conduct society in a way that allows prosperity without regard to the bottom and the top)? Grand Master (Puppet Monarchy with a hint of righteousness for the downtrodden, but perhaps undeserving)? Or the Dragon (Dictatorship rule by fear.) Please feel free to attack my oversimplification of these political theories. If any of you want to advocate democracy fine, but hardly as fun. This should be an interesting discussion with nerds.

5) Dragons. Who's your favorite? What characteristics are required in a dragon? Form? Function? What's with the hording? Do you like your dragons blood thirsty or mentally stimulating or both? Dragon breeding programs? (I think Pratchett has a thing for dog breeders... thoughts?)

6) Laws. Many characters in the book seemed to have a good idea of what laws they wanted or didn't want. "And premature baldness... that's wrong too." If you could pass one obscure law or take away one, what would you want? This is your chance to be funny people...

7) Traveling in L-Space (aka Time Travel.) I knew there was a reason why I should have become a librarian. What restrictions do you think are really necessary in time travel? Aren't there enough universes to take into account the effects? I am looking forward to some good Star Trek and Quantum Leap references on this topic.

Ok... that's it for now. My book is very dog eared so I might have a few more topics if we have time. If there is anything else you'd like to discuss, please post. I hope the place I picked is ready for us. They don't have a phone number so I haven't been able to warn them. Can't wait to see you all. Happy reading!
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