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Building The "Jedi Council"

Casey P.
Milwaukee, WI
Hey Everybody!

We had a smaller group at the last meetup which provided a better format for open discussion. We got a lot of good feedback from everyone there which helped determine what the next step should be which is...

Building The "Jedi Council"

I have no problem admitting that the first item of business for the Jedi Council might be changing its name. :) "Making Milwaukee the most socially connected city in the world," is a lofty goal that's going to require the input of a lot of different people from diverse backgrounds.

This inner group will be responsible for not just organizing the meetups, but setting the goals and direction for Social Milwaukee "the organization" (which, more likely than not, will become a nonprofit). This smaller group will have weekly meetings and the members will play of more active role in shaping the future of the larger group/organization.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in being involved with, just reply to this email.

Note: The weekly meetings are as much an excuse to enjoy drink specials as get things done. ;) They won't be mandatory. A lot of the discussion will happen virtually.

The Multi Focus Of Social Milwaukee

In the last email I sent to the group I mentioned changing the focus to being totally about nonprofits. The consensus of the group was to keep things multi-focused. I think the mix will be something like:

  • How nonprofits can leverage social media (for donations, recruiting/engaging volunteers, spreading their message, etc.)
  • Social Enterprises (examples, how to build them, etc.)
  • Awesome examples of social media uses (locally, nationally and internationally)
  • Some fun social things to do in between meetups
  • Helping people start more meetups! :)

That might look like a lot of focuses... and it is! That's why there needs to be a Jedi Council!

Returning To The Original Format

Each of the 3 meetups have been totally different! We'll be returning to the format of the first meetup. For those of you that missed it, it went like this:

  • Mingling
  • Presentations
  • Do stuff!

During the mingling portion of the meetup we'll all have nametags and there will be white boards available to post suggestions for future topics or post help you need on a project (with you name so people can find you!)

The presentations will be short, fun and hopefully relevant to your interests. :)

And what I'm thinking for the "do stuff" portion is to have the final presentation be from a (prescreened) nonprofit who has an interesting problem that a "social" solution would be fun to come up with. The people break off and work with... the nonprofit, one of the other presenters or connects with other people about whatever tickles their fancy.

This is probably a lot more than you wanted to read already so I'll leave it here. The next email you get from us will be introducing the latest members of the Jedi Council. :D

Casey (and future Social Milwaukee Team)

P.S. - I was approached by the "marketing dude" for Water Street (he's also a friend of an old friend). He's totally cool with us doing experimental promotions with the bar owners there so... The next "after meetup drinking and eating extravaganza" might take place there. We'll see what the council says...
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