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on our last discussion about modern day superstitions

Sadia N.
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First I would suggest reading the article that I posted which I think puts it well why some people are seduced by fortune tellers. Going to a fortune teller may have value for those who need to be reminded that they are human by being told something like this (as the article puts it): “ You need love and admiration of other people. You are quite self-critical. You have many hidden traits that you are not using to your advantage. While you have some personal weaknesses, you are, in general, able to neutralize them. Disciplined and confident from outside, you tend to worry and feel insecure. Sometimes you experience serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision, or did the right thing. ……” . But over time when we start to buy into the idea that the fortune teller revealed something to us that we did not know then we have fallen into the trap of buying into superstition. Even if the fortune teller turns out to be a somewhat good psychologist its dangerous to consult one because of the baggage that comes with it – the superstitious baggage and we start to give credibility to fortune tellers. I also feel that most people who go to a fortune teller already have a predisposition towards superstitions and a clever fortune teller will only strengthen such beliefs - This is where it gets dangerous. This is when people start to turn away from critical thinking and fall for superstition. We lend ourselves into believing in all sorts of hogwash because we got fooled into believing that the fortune teller actually had some specific knowledge about us that we may not have figured out without going to someone who sell their knowledge as being from a supernatural source!! As for those people who are truly interested into critically evaluating life why go to someone who can lead you astray by making you believe that they have knowledge whereas they are merely clever people who know how to profit from gullible people. They surely have knowledge in fooling people into believe that they actually had knowledge about their lives. If you really need help in tapping into your psyche then there are so many other ways. Spend time with yourself and critically analyze yourself, talk to your friends about life, go to Socrates café or if you really need help then consult a therapist. But in the end if you choose to go to a fortune teller for whatever value you find in it, please do not say that it leads to critical thinking – it leads to people buying into superstitions and takes us away from reality. Please keep in mind that we all find value in whatever we do, whether we subscribe to creationism or believe in science or believe in Zeus or want to spend time talking to imaginary friends. With limited time in our lives we are left to pick and choose activities that bring meaning or add value to our lives. But in the end we must realize that all our choices and actions have consequences and for those of us who are in search of truth will always try to steer away from pitfalls. We all have the tendency to buy into stupidity but once we recognize some possible pitfall then isn’t it wise to look for better alternatives??? We all have limited time on our hands so why not spend it wisely. Knowing yourself and knowing the world can be done in much better ways than going to a fortune teller. There is a reason why in the modern age most of us go to medical doctors rather than voodoo doctors or faith healers when get sick – we have learnt from our experiences( i.e our ability to create knowledge)and hence our knowledge has progressed. If human race is to progress, we must shed superstitions – that’s the only way we will ever get any legitimate knowledge of the world including ourselves. Of course, the choice is yours.
PS: I was horrified by the last Socrates café, it was scary and i couldn't get this out of my mind and had to say something!!!
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:S: The inner impulse to make the
... Future Present
is an ancient yearning in the hearts
... of many enlightened

This concept is not new.
... Known for centuries by the mystics in all religions as:
Anamnesis (Zikkaron)

The three fundamental attributes of Sacred Time include the:
Epiclesis, Anamnesis, and Prolesus

Where Past - Future is experienced in the Present Moment.

Only the goodthings
PS: My design process
... in the creation of
Sacred Space, Churches, Temples
... includes this teaching that
The Past and Future is made Present
... in the Sacrament of the Present Moment.
A Moment of Presence honors the
.... Liturgy where the believer is made
one with the Creator.
... Humankind is “assimilated”
into the mystery of the
... Alpha and Omega
with all its meaning and reality within the present moment.

Wishful Thinking? Voodooisms? Magical Thought?
or a good dose of good olde
or I might add:
It would be a great thing to remember the future!
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