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Post Abortion Healing.

Holly H.
user 34651992
Federal Way, WA
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The Chief Abbot of the Shasta Abbey, a Kind Senior Monk of the Order of the Buddhist Contemplatives here near me, here in the Mt Shasta Area, kindly offered to preform a traditional Buddhist Funeral Ceremony in Feb of 2012 for the little one of God's Heart that God in His Great Mercy and Love entrusted me to be Mother of as GIFT when I was 19 years of age. The Chief Abbot thought this might be helpful. Helpful for Love. Helpful for the Healing of the Heart. Helpful for "the Unborn." Helpful in General, and helpful in specific. The Monks, interestingly enough, refer to "GOD" even "God with us"--that which is, as the UNBORN! (SMILE!)

You see, in my case, my little one died before he saw the light of day, the day before Father's day at the "Women's Feminist Center" in Chico, California. His life was taken in grave error by the cruel hand of abortion and the abortionists, by "machine," and, by me being NOT clear on the things of God, by me not being clear on the things of Love, the things of Love and Life in truth, and, by me being NOT clear on some of the BASIC BASICS of life! My little one's life was taken by me being NOT clear on the facts of Life, and by me as a young girl believing or even half way believing the untruth of the lie of 'CHOICE," and the subsecute lie and lies that the woman of the "Women's Feminist Center" told me. One of which was that they had "counseling," and that they really and truly cared about me as a woman, and as a girl, and, as a real life person.

You see, I told the receptionist at the Woman's Feminists Center that I had been refered to by Planned Parenthood in the Los Angeles area, which I had, even as the Father of my Child had referred me to Planned Parenthood, that, I didn't know WHAT I wanted to do. And, I didn't! I didn't "choose" the harming unto death for my baby on purpose, but to by great regret and great grief from the moment of this great loss, and even before, this great loss to me, this great loss to him, this great loss to God, this great loss to all humanity, this great loss to all human kind, this great loss of THE GREATEST GIFT THERE IS, THE GIFT of LIFE, the Gift of this ONE person of God, my baby to my great regret, died by my "choice" (even as I chose to believe those who were "nice" to me on the surface), "my choice" to seek the council of men, rather than God. My "choice" to first "please" my child's father who advised the abortion, my child's father who himself was young and didn't know better. My "choice" to first believe the council women at the Women's Feminist Center that they had counceling, and that their counceling would be true, and second, that I believed the LIE that they told me in that "counceling" that which was inside of me was NOT a baby, but rather, "Just the same as a Missed Period."

God's little ones life was also taken because I DROVE to the Women's Feminist Center that day before Father's Day in ignorance, and in trusting the WRONG person and persons, rather than taking a walk with God, as my Friend, my friend who was found 'With child" as a result of a gang rape on her way home from High School mid day in Fresno, California, some ten years later did. My Friend and neighbor by the Grace of God, and by her Own Love, and Courage to TRY to Hear God's Direction, not taking the council of men, especially not the council of the men (or women) at "Planned Parenthood" or the "Women's Feminist Center" and/or the Like, but rather, taking the council of God, heard that still small voice that encouraged her to CHOOSE LIFE! OK, all of that being said...

OK, all of that being said...

All of that being said....

What is it that I am inviting into discusion here?

In any event, I am Christian by the Grace of God, however, I am a Liberal Christian. Well, kind of Liberal. I'm mostly "Conservative" in that I am not for Communism or Communists or Communist ideology, etc! I'm mostly "Conservative" in that I'm not for the harming unto the death of little ones by abortion, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc! However, I have friends who are Buddhist Monks even though I myself am not Buddhist, not do I consider myself a "Buddhist." I like Gautama Buddha, and I like my Buddhist Monk friends, but I still claim Christian.

Anyway, so, what am I saying?

What is this discussion that I am presenting?

Oh, well, maybe that NOT everyone who is PRO-Life, and not everyone who WOULD be Pro-Life is necessarily "Straight Laced" Christian Protestant or Christian Catholic, etc! [My Own Great, Great Grandfather was a Doctor of Theology, as well as a well loved and well known Christian Scholar, Minister, later to become Honorable Judge traveled to the FAR East in the late 1800's and brought back a teeny "laughing Buddha" Figurine, as well as a Figurine of "She who Hears the Cries of the World."] Anyway, what I am trying to say here is, is that MAYBE just MAYBE, there are others like me, who, as much as I might personally LOVE to attend a Rachael's Vineyard Retreat, and/or some other Post-Abortive Christian Healing and Redemption Retreat, might also benefit from a retreat that wasn't a totally "Straight Laced" Christian Protestant or totally "Straight Laced" Christian Catholic retreat. (SMILE!)

That's all.

So, what is my topic of discussion here? Oh, yes. "Post Abortion Healing."

smile In God's own Name, in Love's Own Name. In Jesus name, AMEN! smile
Patricia C.
Group Organizer
Federal Way, WA
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It sounds like you have been suffering for sure. One of the Christian based retreats might be very helpful. Does anyone know of others that are available where people of all faiths could feel welcome?

Let us know if you find something.

God bless you!
Patricia C.
Group Organizer
Federal Way, WA
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Do you know about the Silent No More Awareness Campaign? See
They are all women who have found that they needed to speak out about their abortions. We recently watched on of their DVDs. They are Christian women, but from all denominations and back grounds I beleive. They might be worth checking out for sure! Good fortune!! Thanks for writing. There is also a wonderful little book called 'Post Abortion Trauma' that takes a person through all of the steps needed for healing from the participation in an abortion. It is very powerful.

Much love to you,

Holly H.
user 34651992
Federal Way, WA
Post #: 7
Yes, Patricia!

Yes on the Silent No More Awareness.

In fact, just moments ago the woman from the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and I must made contact with one another! I reached out to the Silent No More Awareness people, and left a message with "Georginia" there. (This was per your inspiration, Patricia!) Georgina (?), of the Silent No More Awareness, per my request, kindly gave me the idea to contact the, "Walk For Life" web site, and my local Catholic Archdiosis to find a possible ride to the San Francisco "WALK FOR LIFE" event up coming at the end of January. (That I might be able to particpate in this Silent No More "PRO-LIFE" event!)

With regards to the book, "Post Abortion Trauma"--that's for letting me know about it. It sounds like "Just what the Doctor Ordered" --so to speak.


P.S. Oh, and also per your inspiration, I reached out to Rachael's Vineyard people again. Thus far I haven't heard back from the ones in my local area. But, I did speak to a very kind woman associated with the Rachael Vineyard retreats in the Santa Rosa area of California. She told me that if I didn't hear back from the other Rachael's Vineard places closer to me, to call her back. She really and truly wants to help me find my way to a Rachael's Vineard retreat, that is, If and when I am able to attend one.

Thanks again for your wise counsel; and, LOVE!

Holly H.
user 34651992
Federal Way, WA
Post #: 10
Update on Rachael's Vineyard and my attending a Rachael's Vineyard Retreat in my area.

This AM I spoke with a woman named 'Lori" from Rachael's Vineyard who administers the Rachael Vineyard retreats in the Portland and Southern Oregon area (Project Aurora). She was very, very kind hearted and patient with me. She invited me to share with her more of my history, etc! I was also introduced to the program, and given a basic run down of what to expect at the retreat, the general format, etc! To complete an on line "interview" with a Rachael Vineyard and/or Project Aurora retreat is part of the application process. The retreat that I will be attending (by the grace of God) will be some time at the end of March, and is only about an hours drive away from me. I was given a sizeable discount on my attendance at the retreat (via the "scholarship" program that they have available for those in need), and so, that was (and yet is) also a grace. (It also increases the probability that I can attend.)

Thanks again Patricia for your encouragment. Per your inspiration, I reached out to Rachael's Vineyard at the right time and place (so to speak), and this time, it looks like it's really going to happen.

There will be a priest (A Catholic Priest) at the Rachael Vineyard's retreat, as there is a Catholic Priest at all Rachael Vineyard retreats, and Lori asked me if I was OK with that. I told her that I am totally OK with that, in fact, I told her that I liked that. (And, I do.) At the end of the retreat each participant is invited to see the priest in a private session (as a sort of confessionary type thing, and/or in "confession" if one is catholic), as part of the final act and/or healing ministry of the retreat.

Note: I told Lori about my being "Friends with" the Buddhist Monks here in my area, and their kind offer to preform a Funeral Service for my little one some time in February, and/or some time, sometime, if I would like them to, and I don't think that it scared her... (SMILE!) And, if it did scare her, she didn't let me know that it scared her. smile

An application to attend this retreat is being sent to me via the U.S. Mail! (And, Lori will continue to keep me updated and we will keep in contact via e-mail prior to the event!)


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