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Victory! 4/2/13 - The abortion mandate bill for Washington State WILL NOT continue in committee!! Praise God.


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From Human of Washington for Washington State:

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Fact Check: Bishops' Conference Answers White House Claims About Contraception Mandate (638)

Monday, February 6 Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and 153 of his colleagues sent a bi-partisan letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius regarding the Administration’s mandate that all insurance plans cover all FDA approved contraceptives and sterilization with no cost-sharing.

2012 House Bill 2200: Establishing the woman's right to know act
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•Introduced by Rep. John Ahern, (R-Spokane) (R) on January 9, 2012, creates the Woman’s Right to Know Act to require physicians to communicate certain information to women seeking an abortion, including who is to perform the abortion, the gestational age of the unborn child, immediate and long-term medical risks of both the abortion and carrying the child to full-term. (The requirements differ when the abortion is considered a medical emergency.) This act requires that physicians provide notice that written and video materials are available. This act requires all notices be given at least 24 hours prior to the planned abortion. This act prohibits doctors from collecting full or partial payment before the 24-hour notice period has lapsed. This act takes effect immediately.

2011 House Bill 1442: Establishing parental notification requirements for abortion
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•Introduced by Rep. Matt Shea, (R-Spokane Valley) (R) on January 21, 2011, requires notice to parents or guardians at least forty-eight hours before an abortion may be performed on a pregnant woman under the age of eighteen or on an incapacitated woman. This act provides exceptions for medical emergencies, pregnancies resulting from incest, and situations in which one or both parents are unavailable. This act allows a court to make a final determination of the best interest of the woman regarding an abortion when meeting notice requirements is impossible or impracticable. This act takes effect immediately.

2011 Senate Bill 5336: Limiting public funding for abortions
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•Introduced by Sen. Val Stevens, (R-Arlington) (R) on January 20, 2011, to prohibit public funds from being used for payment or reimbursement for the performance of any induced abortion except where the abortion is necessary for the health and safety of the mother or unborn child, where the pregnancy is the result of a rape that has been reported to law enforcement within seven days from the occurrence of the rape, or where otherwise required by federal law that is binding on Washington state.

2011 House Bill 1366: Concerning limited service pregnancy centers
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•Introduced by Rep. Judy Clibborn, (D-Mercer Island) (D) on January 19, 2011, creates the Limited Service Pregnancy Center Accountability Act. This act defines a limited service pregnancy center as a business that provides pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and information on abortion and adoption, but does not provide medical services, abortion referrals, or birth control services. This act requires the centers make certain disclosures to clients, hold as confidential personal information about clients unless consent is given otherwise, and written results of pregnancy tests to clients. This act also provides remedies for violations of the act.

2011 Senate Bill 5274: Clarifying limited service pregnancy center services
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•Introduced by Sen. Kevin Ranker, (D-San Juan Island) (D) on January 19, 2011, To create the limited service pregnancy center accountability act, which requires limited service pregnancy centers to provide truthful information about the services they offer and to maintain the privacy of a person's right to his or her health care information. "Limited service pregnancy center" means an organization that advertises, offers, or provides pregnancy tests or ultrasounds, and information about adoption or abortion.

Source - Dan Kennedy, CEO
Human Life of Washington

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