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President Barack Obama has the legal authority to order a targeted strike against an American citizen located within the United States.

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Tucson, AZ
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Steve F.
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Tucson, AZ
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I'm not particularly surprised. This is what we get when only 20% of the population votes, and the choice at hand is between a rich dude who thinks we're all puppets, and another rich dude who thinks we're all puppets. Time to get serious about some more constitutional amendments, anyone? (not that that appears to keep any current or previous president from just ignoring the law and jacking us extralegally via NSA, ATF, or whoever is handy for the task)...this is how it ends, folks. Sooner or later the government will lose it's legitimacy in the eyes of enough people that it will really hit the fan. I'm hoping that the coming times will simply starve the feds of cash until they are impotent, and those of us left can put our energies into something that actually resembles a democracy at more local levels, but I ain't holding my breath. History points to civil war as a more likely outcome...there are plenty of people with power & resources & vested interest in the status quo, no matter how corrupt it becomes, it will be the people against them. Or not, guess it depends how coherently we can all stand up to this kind of crap. I think most people are just too busy trying to keep food on the table though, and this stuff flies under the radar, until we wake up one day in a place that resembles the USSR or Zimbabwe. The economy is going to have to get a lot worse before any significant number of people are going to want to do something about the crumbling morality of the government unfortunately. Jobs & TV are the new opiate of the masses. And if the people get too restless, they can always send us on a one-way trip to bring democracy to somewhere we've never heard of or cared about, right? Ok, off to take my prozac, lol - this stuff gets heavy fast when you start mulling it over. May I be proven completely wrong, in a democratic, non-USA-ruining, liberty & happiness-pursuing kind of way. It has happened before I'm told - Lincoln was a member of an unheard-of new third party that pretty much swept the whole government clean for a time (which after a lot of decay has morphed into the current sad excuse for the R party). I say we vote both heads off the beast and try for something decent again if we can, but most people seem to prefer the devil they know at the voting booth still. Hey, at least we live in 'interesting' times...
John H.
Sahuarita, AZ
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Rand Paul made a great move yesterday! A step in the right direction
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And McShame and GrahamCracker just made the case for the Republicans becoming the Wigs.......IMHO
Ronald Frederick G...
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Voting, democracy, or mod-rule, is hardly a guarantee of limited government. We are WAY past limited government. The US dollar and economy are already a joke. Constitutional “protections” are treated as non-existent. Get your “life support” in place, and be ready to stand aside as the… mess… unfolds…
Steve F.
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Can't argue. However, note I said 'something resembling democracy at local levels' - no reason not to try to soften the landing a bit. I'd rather we had some folks around here who pretended to answer to the people vs. a Chavez (Venezuela).

National politics is bread & circus, nothing we can really do about that. Get every law enforcement and reservist in AZ to agree to point the guns out instead of in if the feds give the order for martial law, and that's worth something to all of us, right?
Rick A.
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I heard that part of the oath that out military takes is that they will not attack US citizens.

what I worry about is if the president gives control of the drones to home land defense, they do not have the same oath as the military, and if a group of US citizens poses a threat to out government, homeland defense could be ordered to handle the situation.

just my thoughts,

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All the military takes an oath to is to defend against enemies, "foreign and domestic."

Anyone the shadow govt deems an enemy -- vis a vis "V for Vendetta" -- much of the active military will just follow orders. Especially today's numbed-by-endless-war -- full of feminazis and sodomites and illegals -- military.

The Air Force already sprays the skies because of the global warming scam, causing endless soft kills. The military uses drones to murder children overseas, it's not a far stretch to just follow orders to murder us.
Ronald Frederick G...
user 3921570
Tucson, AZ
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To paraphrase a comment attributed to Bush “… the Constitution in my face is just a g—d----- piece of paper…” Your federal government is SUPPOSED to be limited in the ability to create a law to the powers set out as granted to Congress. Within those allocated powers there are areas where Congress is prohibited from creating a law.

The Constitution is just a piece of old parchment unless the citizens hold the politicians accountable. Claims are that back then it took about 3% of the population taking part for the revolution to succeed. King George did not however have some 13% of the Colonial population loyal to the Crown because they were receiving food stamps… or otherwise on personal or corporate welfare… or Social Security… or federal pensions…
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