Arthur (Art) M.
user 68871892
Methuen, MA
Post #: 16
Hi everyone
Would anyone else like to have a business meeting once in a while. I've been collecting thoughts and questions for some time now as you can see below.
Thanks, Art

1. MEETUP. TIPS AND TRICKS. How to use the website. Default settings to receiving email notifications, etc. When to put entries in the discussion tab vs comments in past and future meetings
3. MEETUP WEBSITE VISITS. 89 Members. 54 (61%) have visited website in last 4 months. 35 (39%) have not visited website in over 4 months.
4. MEETUP RSVP. Data needs to be reviewed after each meeting. If a newbie signs up and RSVP's that they will attend and then new shows up they they are currently counted as attending. Same for regular members. If they don't show they are still counted as they RSVP of yes.. There is actually a reporting category of “NO SHOW.” I looked at a few meetings I've attended and see names that have RSVP'ed but I don't remember seeing them at a meeting. The help area of MeetUp indicates that leadership team membership members can edit and correct attendance records.
5. PARTY AT 100. The point of items 3 & 4 above. If we have a party when membership reaches 100 should we include the members in our count who have never attended a meeting.
6. SNHUG STRUCTURE. Leadership Team: Organizer, Co-Organizer, Assistant Organizer, Event Organizer, Charter members, Officers.
7. MUSIC LIBRARY. Multiple copies of music. Paper waste and expenses. Every piece of music should be dated. Only the most recent and dated version of every performance piece should be in the files area. Members should be encouraged to print and have current hard copy available. Extra copies should always be available at every meeting.
8. MUSIC LIBRARIAN. Ask for volunteer to take care of music files. Assign them one of the leadership team authority categories and provide instruction for files maintenance. Leadership has ability to delete unnecessary documents in file area.
9. MEETUP NEW MEMBERS. Some new members are not getting much of a welcoming greeting. They probably get some kind of system message but those may be pretty stale. Perhaps we need one of our group to review new memberships and send a more personal note of welcome. Maybe we could make mention of new memberships at our regular meetings and encourage all members to drop them a welcome note.
10. FINANCES. Income, expenses, future purchases, etc.
11. COMMUNICATION. MeetUp vs. Facebook vs. Group Email vs. Leadership Email.
12. RULES. Drinking, food, dress, complaints, children, non-ukulele instruments, voting, nondiscrimination, dues, etc.
13. Who is the owner of SNHUG site?

Toby R.
East Kingston, NH
Post #: 5
Good idea Art. You can count me in.
June P.
user 36911232
Rollinsford, NH
Post #: 32
Let's meet some weeknight a 6, we can meet at Hilton Park if it's nice or Salisbury if it's not.... I'd like to add Luau Planning to the agenda, if there's not enough interest, we may not be able to swing it!
Deb J.
user 31859892
Lee, NH
Post #: 54
what? no Luau? say it ain't so
Arthur (Art) M.
user 68871892
Methuen, MA
Post #: 17
Hi. I think it's being said that if there is not enough interest in a 6 p.m. evening meeting we may have to cancel that suggestion to meet... not the Luau. Hope I'm reading this correctly.
June P.
user 36911232
Rollinsford, NH
Post #: 33
Yes Art you are reading correctly, sorry about my mis-worded email.
Richard A B.
user 55832002
Contoocook, NH
Post #: 4
I'd be happy to attend, but Salisbury is not a location that those of us "beyond the pale" find convenient. It would result in more time driving than meeting!

June P.
user 36911232
Rollinsford, NH
Post #: 34
I understand Dick... is there a better location that would work for you on a weekday? Also, I'm hoping you will be able to participate in the luau... last year was so much fun!
Susan P.
user 43182022
Kingston, NH
Post #: 6
Hi all, the Man Room in Kingston is available for the meeting, if it is more centrally located.
Deb J.
user 31859892
Lee, NH
Post #: 55
the man room sounds good to me Salisbury is kinda far for me
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